About Items

Create Items that can be billed using Razorpay Invoices.

Items are products or services that you can add to

and charge customers for. You can create an item on your Razorpay from InvoiceItems or using . When an item is created, it appears on the list of items in the Dashboard.

ActiveOnce created, an item is said to be in the active state. Items in this state can be added to an Invoice to be sent to customers.
InactiveAn item can be marked inactive. Once in this state, the item cannot be added to an Invoice.
DeletedYou cannot delete an item with which Invoices have been created already. You can only delete an item that has never been used before with an Invoice.

You can perform the following actions using

and on the Razorpay Dashboard.

ActionsAPI LinkDashboard Link
Create an item
Update details of an item
Retrieve details of items
Delete an item

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