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The Payments tab allows you to view details of payments received, capture payments and initiate and issue partial or full refunds.

You can perform the following actions on the Payments tab:

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Manual Capture of Payments#

Note: You can only capture payments in the authorized state.

To manually capture payment:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsPayments.
  2. Click the Payment Id of a payment transaction in the Authorized state that you wish to capture.
  3. Click Capture Payment.

The short animation below shows you how to manually capture a payment.

Issue a Refund#

Note: You can only refund payments in the captured state.

You can issue both partial and full refunds from the Payments tab. You can process refunds in two ways:

To issue a refund:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsPayments.
  2. Click the payment in the captured state for which you wish to issue a refund.
  3. Now you can either:
    1. Enter the full amount to issue a full refund.
    2. Enter an amount less than the full amount to issue a partial refund.
  4. Select the Refund Instantly check box to issue an instant refund. Unselect this box to issue a normal refund.
  5. Click + Add Comments (Optional) to enter text for your reference in the future.
  6. Click Issue Full Refund/Issue Partial refund.

The short animation below shows you how to issue a refund.

Fees - Instant and Normal Refunds:
You are charged a small fee when issuing instant refunds. Contact our support team for more details about the fees.

No fee is charged to issue a normal refund. However, the fees and tax deducted to process the payment are not refunded. This amount is deducted from your merchant balance.

View Details of a Payment#

To view the details of a payment made to your account:

  1. Log into your Razorpay Dashboard, click TransactionsPayments.
  2. Click a Payment Id to view details of the payment.

The short animation below shows you how to view the details of a payment.

Payment States#


A payment is created when the customer fills up and submits the payment information and it is sent to Razorpay. No processing has been done on the payment at this stage.


Authorization is performed when customer's payment details are successfully authenticated by the bank. The money is deducted from the customer’s account by Razorpay, but will not be settled to your account until the payment is captured, either manually or automatically.

There can be scenarios when a payment is interrupted by external factors such as network issues or technical errors at customer's or bank's end. In such cases, money may get debited from the customer's bank account but Razorpay does not receive a payment status from the bank. This is termed as Late Authorization and you can learn more about how to handle this at your end.


When the status of the payment is changed to captured, the authorized payment is verified as complete by Razorpay. After the capture, the amount is settled to your account as per the settlement schedule of the bank. The captured amount must be the same as the authorized amount. Any authorization not followed by a capture within 5 days is automatically voided and the amount is refunded to the customer.


You can refund the payments that have been successfully captured at your end. The amount is sent back to the customer's account.


Any unsuccessful transaction is marked as failed and the customer will have to retry the payment.