On 9th December 2020, the Government of India released new wage rules (draft version) of the Code on Wages 2019.

The Code on Wages Bill 2019, which was passed by the parliament last year, is likely to come into force from 1st of April 2021. The Government will notify the final rules after considering public feedback. 

What to expect from the new wage rules

According to the draft of new wage rules, employee wages for calculation of gratuity and provident fund (PF) contributions will be at least 50% of their gross pay

To simplify, the basic salary will be 50% of the total employee compensation. The allowances part of the total cost to company (CTC) will not exceed 50% of the CTC. 

Current scenario of the wage structure in India

Currently, most companies in India allocate a higher portion of CTC for allowances and a lower amount to non-allowances, i.e. Basic Pay. 

Employers will have to restructure their employee CTC to align with the new wage rules once the Government enforces the Code on Wages 2019. 

Benefit of new wage rules to employees

Since the PF contributions are calculated using fixed components, changes to the Basic Pay will affect the take-home pay of employees 

The new measures will enhance social security and retirement benefits for the salaried individuals in India. But, a higher allocation to the retirement plan will reduce employee take-home pay proportionately. 

How the new wage rules impact businesses 

Employers will also experience the effect of new wage rules. Their PF contributions and gratuity will increase in proportion to the rise in their employees’ contributions. 

Also, they might struggle to restructure the employee CTC because of the complexities of the new rules. 

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