A good Email Service Provider (ESP) lets you develop email models, maintain your lists, carry out your campaigns, and monitor them more effectively. According to a 2019 report, 28.5% of the global traffic on the internet is attributed to emails. With the increasing competition in email marketing, you must access the best email service providers that provide free and quality services. 

Keep reading this article to find the best provider for your use. 

Top 10 Free Email Accounts and Service Providers

  • ProtonMail

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With over 50 million users, ProtonMail is the world’s largest email service that provides end-to-end encryption for securing the data in your email. Even the hosting companies of ProtonMail don’t have access to the content of your email. This protects them from third-party attacks. 


  • No personal information is needed to create a ProtonMail account.
  • You can password-protect the email to non-users.
  • Send and receive thoroughly encrypted communications.
  • ProtonMail optimizes organising, reading, and sending an email conveniently.
  • Microsoft Outlook

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Research conducted by Business Wire revealed that 58% of respondents use Outlook more than 10 times in one day. This comprehensive application allows you to manage your tasks, plan your events on the calendar, take notes, manage your contacts, and browse the web. 


  • It protects businesses.
  • Outlook provides an integrated calendar to plan and organizeorganizingor activities.
  • It is easy to integrate other Microsoft programs like Teams with Outlook.
  • Zoho Mail

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Zoho Mail adds an extra layer to your emails by encrypting them. This encryption secures your emails from attackers, and it can be used at an organizational level as well. The high level of email security is reflected because your emails are encrypted entirely in transit and at rest. 


  • The e-Discovery will allow you to discover addresses quickly.
  • Permits to add email notes, exchange folders, manage multiple tasks and mark the squad.
  • To track your sales through email, you can even integrate with CRM Zoho.
  • Hubspot

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HubSpot is a perfect platform for creating and sending emails without needing IT or design knowledge. It has a drag-and-drop editor that can adapt to the way you want your email. The program has different versions for use according to your preferences.


  • Only custom emails are possible.
  • Give ultimate privacy and data security on your emails.
  • You can easily change your email material.
  • You can submit emails from CRM using this program.
  • You automate specific email answers as well.
  • Gmail

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Gmail is a free Google-managed email address provider. You may use third-party programs to synchronise email information via IMAP or POP to access Gmail.


  • It is one of the best free email service providers that offer tips for tracking and responding to messages.
  • Without opening emails, you can see attachments, snooze notifications, and open the attachment.
  • Google Hangouts and Google Meet are integrated for faster access to people.
  • Gmail can immediately block phishing addresses.
  • iCloud Mail

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Apple Inc. runs an email service provider, iCloud Mail, which is only accessible to users having an Apple ID. iCloud Mail comes as a default mail program on any iOS running device, just like MS Outlook defaults in any Windows operating system.


  • It is one of the most robust free email account providers for accessing IMAP.
  • It provides an excellent archive folder and spam protection.
  • It loads the HTML images automatically.
  • Easy to unsubscribe unwanted lists.
  • Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo Mail is a decent pick for people who don’t want to use products owned by Google and Microsoft. It provides a simple registration and a large storage email account of up to 1 TB with a simple, easy-to-use interface.


  • Yahoo Mail lets you customize themes to configure on an excellent background.
  • It comes with the heaviest online storage space (1 TB).
  • It gives access to a pool of animated GIFs; it is easy to express emotions through emails.
  • It is an easy-to-use and interactive desktop-like interface.
  • AOL mail

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Verizon Communications owns a separate division that manages AOL. AOL runs a free web-based email service by the name AOL Mail. With a perfect account GUI, it works amazingly on a smartphone.


  • You can handle your AOL schedule.
  • Email listing view is easy to configure.
  • AOL email account enables you to help organize your emails.
  • A custom screen lets you concentrate well on your job.
  • GMX

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Global Mail eXchange AKA GMX is the best provider of advertisement services. Users will have to use the IMAP4 and POP3 webmail Protocols to access GMX Mail.


  • Attachments limits are 50 MB for each file.
  • The functionality of drag and drop is straightforward.
  • GMX lets you access the address list online that lets you watch all your connections.
  • It has strict rules for the email filter to ensure your inbox is safe.
  • Yandex

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Yandex. Mail, an intelligent and reliable provider of email services, can be used only on Android devices. You can adjust the mailbox’s appearance to suit your mood.


  • It monitors all emails for virus detection and saves suspicious messages in the spam folder.
  • It offers spam and scam security.
  • You can access other Yandex services via one account connection in it.

Choose the right free email accounts and service provider

Choosing from so many options can be a little hectic. Look for these three things to find the perfect free Email Service Provider:

  • Archive capability: 
    Good free email account providers allow you to save your emails in an archive folder and refer to them anytime you want.
  • Protection: 
    When selecting a free email service provider, you should check for strict security controls. It lets you keep your messages secure, protects your email address, and prevents unwanted entry.
  • Integration: 
    Some email systems are working well with other corporate programs, such as productivity suites and calendars. If your company relies on such resources, you can use the integrated email kit.


So these were the best and top free email accounts and service providers from us. Which one do you use for your personal or official purpose? Let us know in the comments if we missed an excellent ESP that you might know!


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