These days when you google a topic to find an answer about something, have you ended up reading an answer on Quora? Or even further, have you opened the Quora app and did not realise how time flew by? This is the power that the booming platform of Quora has! 

Quora entered the market about eight years back and it has kept widening its offering since then. Something that just started off as a question-answer platform today has about 400 million monthly active users.

Read this article further to understand how can you use Quora marketing for business and make the best of all your efforts!

Before you start Quora marketing for your business…

First things first, one of the most important steps is to create an account and fill the pre-requisites

1. Creating your Quora account: Start this exercise by creating your Quora account, if you already don’t have one. You can choose to sign up via Google, Facebook or simply by your email ID. 

quora marketing

PS: Always use your real name and photograph and make sure to give it a human touch! This will help you increase your credibility.

2. Follow your interests: Now that you have created an account on Quora, you will be prompted to follow a minimum of 10 topics that match your interests. 

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3. Follow Spaces: Quora has recently launched something called Spaces. These are communities that share the same interests. You can choose to be a part of some or simply skip the step.

quora marketing

4. Let people know your expertise: Within seconds, your account will be created. The next step is to add your areas of expertise. 

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Tip: Add the topics you know well about. Remember, you will see what you choose! 

5. Update your profile: One of the prerequisites before you consume and share knowledge is to add basic details about yourself. Update your profile photo and add your employment and education details. Be authentic about yourself!

quora marketing

6. Build your network: Now that you are all set with your profile, get in touch and connect with people who share the same interests as you. Also, explore and understand what your target group is looking for and once done, start answering! 

There you are! Welcome to the world of questions and answers. 

If you are new to the platform, here’s a quick glossary to help you navigate well. For the ones who are already busy answering, get a quick recap!

  • Upvote: A quick call-to-action which a reader hits, if they find an answer useful This can be achieved by writing descriptive answers, using easy language, inserting images and so on. 
  • Downvote: Exact opposite to upvote is Downvote. A person might downvote an answer if they find the content to be irrelevant. It can also be the case if you are trying to be too promotional, unethical or writing something that is  discriminatory or demeaning.
  • Share: Just next to upvote is something called Share. An individual or you can share an answer on their Quora profile or any other social media if they find it insightful! 

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  • Thanks: Some people have this innate feeling of thanking someone if they stumble upon a really helpful piece. Quora helps you to virtually thank people! 
  • Suggest edits: Let’s say you come across some information that is wrong or misleading. You can easily suggest edits to the author so that people can consume the right knowledge. 
  • Bookmark: If you find something that you wish to keep for future reference, simply bookmark it. Quora makes it easy to find specific content for you! 
  • Report: Last one for now! Since this is another social media platform, there is a high probability of people creating fraudulent accounts for sharing wrong/illegal information. In this case, you have the power to report the content and Quora moderation takes care of the next steps! 

quora marketing

Quora marketing for business: Key takeaways

  • Communicate with your audience: Now that you are well versed with Quora, the next crucial thing is to nurture your audience effectively. Always keep your tone conversational and abstain from sounding pushy. Market your product/ service in a subtle manner and gain credibility. 
  • Stay up-to-date: Make sure to keep your profile updated. Also, while you answer questions, make sure to pitch in real-time! Be a part of trending conversations and feed people with realistic and factual information! 
  • Focus on increasing followers: Once you start answering frequently, move your focus to increasing your user base. Invite people to follow you and keep fighting to get maximum visibility. 
  • Share ideas & experiences: People like to read and hear experiences. Share practical and real knowledge. Invite your audience to put their faith in you and your brand. At last, redirect them to your company’s website or blog!
  • Use images & videos: While most of the written content makes place on Quora,. you must also experiment with visuals on Quora. Create beautiful infographics and short videos and link them with your answer. There are times when illustrations convey what written text cannot!
  • Link your social media accounts: While the world is moving at a fast speed, it is important to establish yourself and the brand across platforms so that you get spoken about! Interlink your social media accounts and invite people to connect with you. 

Tip: Such activities pick up slow, but once they do, they are a big asset to your brand! 

  • Do competitor analysis: Just like you have taken a step to make the best of Quora marketing for your business, there are chances that your competitor has too! Keep a close eye on what type of content they are sharing and make sure you outshine them!
  • Never promote your brand: Let us accept the fact that the end goal is to spread awareness, yet you need to make sure to not be another promotional forum. The key is to NOT promote your brand but subtly talk about the offerings. Let people find the way from in between the lines and gradually, navigate them to your channel!
  • Accept questions from your audience: Another recent update that Quora has got is the one where you can start taking questions on a particular topic in a fixed time frame. As you start with this, Quora notifies all your followers, offering you a channel to have one-on-one interaction!

Statistics at a glance

  • There are about 400 million monthly active users on Quora and this number is expected to soar even more
  • Out of these, Indian users account for about 15 million active users 
  • Quora has an estimation of having about 4,00,000 topics
  • On an average about 3,000-5,000 questions are asked on the platform each day

These are just some of the statistics we have curated to give you an overview of the potential the platform holds!

What’s more to Quora for business

After knowing the howabouts & the best practices to make the best of Quora marketing for your business, here are some quick tips you can follow to make the best of your efforts:

  • Quora messages are a good option to strengthen relationships and reach out to an audience specifically
  • Track metrics like upvotes and views on a timely basis and evaluate what type of content works the best for your audience
  • Quora blogs is also a good option to post long form quality content
  • Toggle between languages, if need be and cater to readers’ needs by answering in their preferred language. Vernacular is the future of the web world! 

Wrapping Up

To mark a full stop, it is not wrong to say that Quora is the platform built for the future. With so much of information shared each day on the web, creating and establishing a persona for yourself is no cakewalk. 

People are looking for recommendations, features and experiences from real users and builders of products before making a move and Quora, as a platform has proven to be efficient enough to calm many quests!

All you need to do is make the best of Quora for business and plan your roadmap to success now!

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