If you are running an online store and want to boost your sales and profitability, the only way of achieving it is to make your audience aware of your business. This is where e-commerce marketing plays a crucial role. Using the best e-commerce marketing practices and applying the right strategies can increase traffic and conversions to your website.

A sound e-commerce marketing strategy is necessary to create brand awareness, drive more relevant traffic to your e-commerce website, achieve impressive conversion numbers, and ensure customer loyalty. All these factors can combine to make your e-commerce business a tremendous success.

What is E-commerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing can therefore be defined as the implementation of powerful promotional tactics to improve the traffic to your online store, convert a large percentage of that traffic into paying customers, and ensure that they keep coming back for more purchases.

This comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need on various key aspects of e-commerce marketing.

To stay relevant, competitive, and profitable, your e-commerce website must have some mandatory elements. It will help your business attract the right audience in great volumes.

What are they?

1. A user-friendly and responsive website

76% of consumers say that the most important feature of a website is its ease of use. You just have a few seconds to make an impression. By creating a friendly website, you can gain a critical advantage. A mobile-friendly website can help improve sales and your website ranking on Google.

2. User-generated reviews

Did you know that 57% of consumers will buy only from a business with four or more stars? If you want more consumers to buy from you, work towards improving your online rating. User-generated reviews are great for showing how much consumers love doing business with you.

Other must-have features are:

  • High-resolution videos and images
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Social Proof for creating brand trust and loyalty
  • Foolproof security features for fully protected transactions
  • Convenient payment options
  • Detailed shipping information
  • Flexible and unambiguous return policy

3. Perform keyword research

This is a very crucial step for developing the right SEO strategy for your e-commerce website. You can start from scratch or look for competitors’ activity in this area and take it up from there. You must also focus on the right metrics to decide on the keywords that can drive e-commerce conversions.

So what are the things to consider?

  • Search volume
  • Search relevance
  • The web pages to optimize
  • Tracking tools
  • Competitors activities

4. Perform technical SEO

Technical SEO is vital for improving the searchability of your store. These steps can help improve website visibility and generate more traffic and sales.

  • Make navigation easy by designing a smooth site structure
  • Keep the URL structure simple and easy to read
  • Make use of canonical tags
  • Redirect out of stock product pages to the next most relevant ones
  • Avoid duplicate and thin content issues

5. Implement on-page SEO

On-page SEO can help your e-commerce website achieve a higher ranking and enhanced user engagement. It is also a proven way of converting more leads. Here’s how to get your on-page SEO right.

  • Do extensive keyword research and optimization
  • Optimize your e-commerce web pages
  • Focus on category pages too
  • Add blogs to your site
  • Insert Meta title and Meta description
  • Post client reviews

6. Create a content strategy

A good content strategy can add great value to your e-commerce website. You can get it right if you focus on three key factors. They are:

  • Advanced Technology
  • Scalable Process
  • The Best Brains (Your Content Team)

7. Add link building strategies

Building links is important for any online business, as it can translate into more sales and ensure repeat purchases. An effective link-building strategy for e-commerce must include –

  • Information Section
  • Resources Section
  • Coupon Codes
  • Free Giveaways

8. Include a social media strategy

No online business can succeed without developing a clear and solid social media strategy. These steps can assure a significant presence on all the top social networks, which can help drive sales.

  • Use Facebook Live to display products in their stream
  • Create a link to Facebook Messenger
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Offer perks to grow Instagram followers
  • Promote Carousel Ads on Pinterest
  • Craft a powerful video strategy for YouTube

Ecommerce marketing is constantly evolving, and in 2021 you can expect marketers to try out a few more advanced marketing strategies.

9. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Engaging customers using CRM is an excellent way of mapping the customer journey and improving the level of communication. It provides businesses with an alternative marketing resource and can increase customer satisfaction.

10. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is being increasingly used by e-commerce businesses to deliver their message to potential customers. As this is done by people whose accounts have a large number of followers, the audience will relate to such messages instantly.

11. Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is any type of promotional tool used for delivering content to its audience, but it does not result in any conversation or engagement. A typical example of this is advertising. Outbound marketing offers a lower ROI than inbound marketing. Ecommerce marketers use it more for market positioning and brand-building than engagement and conversion.

12. Remarketing

A very small percentage of e-commerce customers get converted on the first view of an offer. That’s why e-commerce marketing must focus on targeting customers repeatedly through remarketing.

The strategy involves targeting your business’s past visitors, whether or not they made a purchase during their previous visit. It works by installing a cookie on the browser of the visitors and adding the cookie ID to the remarketing list. Advertisements will be displayed to visitors in their subsequent visits to your website.

13. Voice search

Voice Search is the game-changer for e-commerce businesses in 2021, as experts believe that 50% of all future searches will be voice-based.

Nearly 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2021. It is a convenient way of searching for products on e-commerce websites without having to spend time typing in search terms on the keyboard. It will dramatically change the way browsers express their search interests.


Marketing is a complex process. Online marketing more so, and e-commerce marketing is the toughest of them all. That’s why it is not unusual for e-commerce enterprises to make mistakes. By planning and implementing a well-designed, robust, and advanced e-commerce marketing strategy, they can achieve their sales revenue, and ROI objectives and stay ahead of the race in this extremely cutthroat industry.

Since big e-commerce businesses have dedicated strategies that upscale their business, you too should find out a blueprint to do the needful. In addition to this, making the check-out experience more convenient for your customers has to be high on your priority list as well. 

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