Freelancing is the ultimate millennial and Gen Z dream. Freelancers get to keep their own hours, be their own boss, choose their own projects, and set their pay rates. But being a full-time freelancer and finding credible remote work can be more challenging than holding a steady job. The competition is extreme, pay rates are often disadvantageous, and clients can abscond without paying. 

Still, like so many other young professionals, if you are keen on the gig culture and on the lookout for platforms that can make your freelancing journey smoother, then you are in the right place.

Here is a list of the best freelancing websites to help you find reliable work remotely and successfully work as a freelancer.  

For Bidders and Competitive Freelancers


One of the most renowned platforms for finding freelance gigs and getting paid on the go is Fiverr. The platform allows you to create a freelancer profile and work on gigs for writing, editing, translation, production, designing, illustration, coding, and any other skill under the sun. You can bid on gigs for as low as $5 (which is where the site gets its name from) and a maximum amount you deem the project worthy of.

Fiverr can be a great place to start if you want to build your portfolio as a freelancer and explore the opportunities available across freelancing websites. Then, you can graduate to more niche and competitive platforms for freelancing.


UpWork is a freelancer marketplace with millions of gigs hosted every year and can best be described as a buyer’s market. That’s because clients who are seeking freelancers post their projects and determine their specifications, deadlines, and budgets. Freelancers have to bid for each project and hope to get selected based on their pitch, portfolio, and ratings. Clients have a vast pool of talent and quotes to select from. Services such as writing, coding, designing, and consulting are the most popular on the platform.

UpWork has both free and paid subscriptions for freelancers. The free account allows only a limited number of bids, whereas freelancers can bid for unlimited projects with a paid account.

ProBlogger Jobs

ProBlogger Jobs is a niche freelance job board that was originally developed for bloggers and writers only. Clients can post highly specific and niche requirements for writers to suit their domain or project. Unlike many other freelancing websites, ProBlogger charges clients for posting freelance jobs instead of charging freelancers. Freelancers can apply for any number of jobs posted on the board and can directly connect with the client to take the project further.

Over time, ProBlogger has also started including full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance opportunities for consultants, marketers, SEO experts, designers, illustrators, and virtual assistants.


LocalSolo is another freelance platform that charges clients instead of freelancers for listing work opportunities. The platform doesn’t charge any commission for freelancers who have to apply and get selected to be listed as curated talent.

Freelance work can be found for various skill sets, ranging from writing and graphic designing to marketing and consulting. One unique aspect of LocalSolo is that it allows freelancers to collaborate and pitch for more complex projects together.

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For Creatives 


Freelance work doesn’t have to be just about writing, coding, designing, or consulting. Even other creative professionals can find well-paying freelance gigs on niche platforms. One such platform is SmartShoot, designed specifically for photographers. Freelance projects for stock images, creative photoshoots, and editing are posted by some top brands on SmartShoot. Freelancers can choose to work remotely or collaboratively on-site with clients.


Another great platform for creators seeking freelance work is Dribble. Dribble has a supportive community of web developers, designers, and other creators, wherein freelancers can build their custom profiles and show off their portfolios to attract clients. The platform also has a pro subscription model that gives you access to exclusive design jobs.


If you are a tech expert and want to find work in the web development, graphic design, project management, and consulting spaces, then TopTal is among the perfect freelancing websites for you. This elite service selects only the top 3% of the talent that applies and matches them to high-paying projects offered by leading brands and MNCs.

It’s difficult to get in, but once on board, the quality of projects can build your credibility and portfolio as a technical freelancer.

For Techies

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is an exceptional platform built for freelancers looking for opportunities in the tech space. From opportunities for web developers to designers and customer service experts, the platform hosts more than 100,000 gigs every month, offered by some of the biggest tech brands in the market.

Recruiters have to pay a flat fee to post jobs on the platform, making it completely free for freelancers to search for, apply to, and complete projects without any commission or deductions.

For Strategic Collaborators

Pepper Content

If browsing through hundreds of jobs every day and submitting bids or quotes on freelancing websites is not your cup of tea, then perhaps Pepper Content is the best freelance website for you. Presently offering freelance gigs in the writing, design, and development spaces, the platform has a rigorous selection process. Your freelancer account only gets activated once you have cleared certain skill-based tests.

Once that’s done, Pepper Content will match you to assignments in your selected domain with upfront pricing. You won’t have to worry about spammy job postings or payment uncertainty, as all that is taken care of by Pepper Content.


Some freelancers seek opportunities that can progress into something more meaningful than just solo projects. That is possible on AngelList. It’s not just a platform for startup founders to raise funding. It’s also a great place for them to search for quality talent. As a result, all kinds of freelance or contractual jobs are posted on AngelList, from entry-level roles to VP and function head profiles with equity options.

The platform holistically covers all talent categories and even indicates clients who are recruiting actively. And yes, it’s completely free for freelancers to search and bid for projects, with no commissions charged.

Final Thoughts

In addition to these, there are many other freelancing websites to find work remotely. The idea is to get started and look for projects that best match your skillset and start building your freelancer profile. At the same time, it’s important to find platforms that pay well and match you with credible clients. But your journey as a freelancer will only get easier once you take the first step.


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