Working as a freelancer involves a lot of flexibility and benefits. While there is concern about job security and career stability, there are several avenues to ensure consistent career growth as a freelance worker in the present market.

In India, there are more than 15 million active freelance workers in various industries, such as IT, programming, finance, sales, designing, content, videography, etc. Reports say that one in every four freelancers worldwide is from India.

There are many reasons why skilled individuals prefer freelancing over working at a full-time job.

  • The work hours are flexible.
  • You get to work on your terms and decide your worth.
  • You are exposed to diverse projects.
  • You can build a strong portfolio with relevant work experience and testimonials.

The only downside is that you are not eligible for employee benefits, but an attractive pay scale can compensate for that. Data says that 44% of freelancing earnings in 2021 was higher than what people made working traditional jobs.

Here are the popular industries where freelance jobs are most in demand.

Popular Freelance Jobs

Although most industries have scope for a freelancer earning in some role or another, these specific job roles are the most popular when hiring freelancers.

Web Developer

The IT and programming industry is one of the most lucrative freelance markets worldwide. Freelance web developers are highly paid based on their skills, specializations, and years of experience.

Both front-end and back-end developers and coders are in high demand in all industries for small website building projects and enterprise-grade development tasks.

Content Writer or Editor

Content writers make up a significant percentage of all freelance workers globally. Even for profiles like blog writing, social media content creation, and proofreading, independent workers are highly sought after.

Freelance writers need knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), keyword integration, and link building to excel in this field.

Graphic Designer

Along with UX and UI designing, graphic design is a popular freelancing industry. Graphic designing projects may require skills like website building, designing landing pages, making logos and brand visuals, creating media content, etc., for companies.


Marketing Roles

The marketing industry is always in need of freelance workers. Relevant roles include digital marketing specialists, social media campaign managers, CRM managers, data analysts, SEO experts, etc.

These roles have a rising demand in the present market and are expected to open up more freelancing opportunities shortly.

How Much Do Popular Freelancing Jobs Pay?

The freelancing industry has remained afloat despite the pandemic. When traditional workers struggled with recession and unemployment, many freelancers even managed to increase their rates.

According to, the average monthly salary of a freelancer in India is about ₹22,011. The pay increases exponentially with experience and the evolution of your skillsets.

Freelance Role Average Annual Salary in Rupees
Web Developer 3.6 lakhs
Content Writer 3 lakhs
Graphic Designer 3 lakhs
Digital Marketer 3.6 lakhs


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How to Drive Up Your Freelancing Rate

The figures above show freelance earnings’ average base rates in different industries. You can increase your price range in several ways.

  • Gain work experience and drive up hourly or monthly rates over time.
  • Build a diverse portfolio by working for different companies and project types.
  • Acquire specialized skills. For instance, you will be paid more if you are a freelance full-stack developer specializing in a particular language or platform.
  • Keep up with industry trends and new technologies to gain a competitive advantage over peers.
  • Set the right price range for your services; don’t ever undervalue your work by settling for too less.


The emergence of remote and hybrid work cultures has boosted the value of freelance jobs globally. However, sustaining a stable career as a freelancer also involves learning new skills and consistently being on the lookout for interesting projects. With the right experience, portfolio, and exposure, you can get paid a lucrative amount and become one of the top freelance professionals in your field.


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