Affiliate marketing is a tactic to generate online revenue without having to market a product actively. It is considered to be extremely beneficial to both the brand and the affiliate marketer who promotes the products. This is a wonderful method to generate a steady passive income, especially if you consider yourself an opinion leader or an influencer in decision-making.

Affiliate marketing websites you need to check out

To leverage affiliate marketing outcomes, businesses and aspiring affiliates utilize different software and tools to make the process more efficient and effective. Here are some of the best affiliate marketing websites that can jumpstart your affiliate marketing initiatives.

1. Affise

Affise enables businesses to automate and scale their affiliate marketing programs. The platform is rich with features and tools for creating and managing affiliate networks, and also enables multicurrency & flexible payouts, third-party integrations, anti-fraud protection, and more. You can easily configure and personalize dashboards to better manage the workflows of affiliates and advertisers thanks to its intuitive user interface.

2. Everflow

With Everflow, you can easily manage all types of partnerships and all your clients, all under one roof. This solution streamlines partnership management with automated tools and powerful integrations and enables instant cart setups, global payments, scheduled reporting, event tracking, and conversion monitoring. Furthermore, it leverages data analytics to deliver deep insights and generate reports. It also enhances security with automatic fraud blocking.

3. Affiliatly 

Affiliatly supports multiple integrations with e-commerce platforms including BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and CrateJoy. If you have a custom-built e-commerce site, you can also integrate Affiatly using JavaScript and PHP codes! Aside from easy integrations, the software app also has automation tools for managing affiliates. This will help manage affiliate accounts individually, upload promotional banners they can use, generate affiliate links, and track performance in one app.

4. Rakuten marketing 

Rakuten’s vast affiliate marketing network connects you with multiple affiliates, content creators, influencers, and other partners who can widen your reach in your specific niche. Its services also include tools for campaign optimization, real-time reporting, and marketing support to name a few.

5. Refersion

Refersion enables you to onboard your affiliates to pay commissions, recruit affiliates, set commission structures, track performance, generate reports, and process payments, all in one user-friendly platform. For real-time sales tracking and business efficiency, it lets you integrate your e-commerce platform and external platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce as well!

6. Tapfiliate

Whether you are a freelancer building a personal brand, a large enterprise managing multiple brands, or somewhere in the middle, Tapfiliate offers flexibility and scalability in running your own affiliate marketing program! The agile software can be easily set up for use with your website, and seamlessly integrates with over 30 platforms including Shopify, Zapier, and WooCommerce. It also enables you to generate unique codes and beautiful tracking links for your affiliates!


TUNE lets you alter your affiliate marketing program exactly how you want it to be. You can build your own suite of tools from its vast list of advanced automation tools, make onboarding smooth and quick, process payouts without any hassle, and get real-time reporting with actionable insights.! It lets you manage everything related to your partnership program in one efficient platform.

8. ShareASale

ShareASale lets you filter the right affiliates, influencers, creators, and tech partners whom you can build partnerships and share business success with. It also provides you with the tools you need for onboarding, monitoring, and decision-making related to various parameters of affiliate marketing. It also gives you real-time insights and diagnostics to optimize your affiliate program as well!

9. AdRoll

AdRoll supports external integrations with different e-commerce sites and social media platforms so you can roll out cross-device and cross-platform ads without breaking a sweat. It also has multi-user capabilities that enable you to manage campaigns with your team. Its AI tools help enhance your marketing campaigns with flexible segmentation, advanced conversion tracking rules, web targeting, transparent analytics, and many other capabilities.


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