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About Error Codes

Errors may occur during a financial transaction due to intermittent communication or technical issues at multiple hops. The Error Codes help to identify the source and the reason for the error. This helps to understand why the error occured, troubelshoot and avoid them in future.

There are 2 types of error codes:

Advantages of Error Codes🔗

Error codes help you build your own logic and take remedial action at your end, wherever possible. Deriving these insights can help your business to:

  • Map and analyze top failure reasons.
  • Identify the source of failure.
  • Narrow down and understand the cause of the failure (could be due to actions taken by your contact or external factors such as the beneficiary bank or network connectivity).
  • Identify the exact reason of the failure.
  • Handle actionable error codes.
  • Avoid possible integration errors.