Enhance your e-commerce store profitability with AI-powered Razorpay Thirdwatch.

Thirdwatch is an AI-driven solution from Razorpay that helps the online sellers prevent Return to Origin (RTO). Thirdwatch analyses orders placed by customers based on various parameters and flags risky orders in real-time. It allows you to make Go or No-Go decisions on these orders, preventing RTO losses to your business.


  • With AI-powered Razorpay Thirdwatch, you can enhance the profitability of your e-commerce store. It helps to increase revenue and reduce RTO losses.
  • You can identify incomplete and non-deliverable addresses before shipping. It helps increase order deliverability rates as you can validate your customer's shipping address by using the Address Corrections feature.
  • Thirdwatch captures orders directly from your storefront. It flags risky and fraud orders in milliseconds by analyzing 300+ parameters and provides detailed reasons. It reduces potential order cancellations and RTO orders.
  • With an automated order tracking solution, you will receive real-time status updates on your orders, right from purchase through fulfilment.
  • You can prevent undertaking unwanted or fake orders by sending automated or manual SMS notifications to your customers to confirm their orders.
  • Using Payment Links, you can convert risky cash on delivery (COD) orders to prepaid orders.
  • With advanced Dashboard Analytics, you can get detailed order review reports to understand delinquent behavior and incorporate learnings into your business strategy.

Interesting Videos🔗

Watch the video to see how Thirdwatch can help in reducing returns and RTO.

Get Started🔗

You need to sign up with Thirdwatch to integrate it. After you sign up, you get:

  • Access to the Thirdwatch Dashboard from where you can make Go or No-Go decisions on orders.

To sign up:

  1. Go to the Thirdwatch website. Enter your email id and a password and click Create Account.

    create account

  2. You will receive an activation email to the provided email address. Click Activate Your Account in the email.

    activation email

  3. Your account is registered. Log into the Thirdwatch Dashboard using the email id and password entered while creating your account. We can either select the store's e-commerce platform or enter a custom store (custom website).

    select platform

What Next🔗

You next need to integrate your website with Thirdwatch using Shopify plugin. Know more about Shopify plugin integration for Thirdwatch.