We have upgraded Thirdwatch's offering by merging it with Razorpay Magic Checkout. Thirdwatch will no longer be available after 10 Jan 2023.

Thirdwatch's offerings have been upgraded and merged with Razorpay Magic Checkout, a superior RTO reduction service to help you further grow your e-commerce business. As part of this, Thirdwatch will no longer be available as a standalone offering after 10 Jan 2023.

All Thirdwatch capabilities (with upgraded functionalities) will continue to be available via Razorpay Magic Checkout.

Magic Checkout is an end-to-end checkout solution that allows e-commerce businesses to grow their sales & improve profitability. Here’s how it helps:

  1. Improve Order Conversion Rates by 40%: Magic Checkout prefills contact & shipping details for 50mn+ users on the checkout step, leading to fewer dropoffs and more conversions!

  2. Reduce RTO Rates by 50%: Magic checkout’s proprietary AI/ML algorithm flags risky users based on 300+ parameters and dynamically disables the COD option for high-risk orders, leading to fewer RTOs and a higher share of prepaid orders

  3. Get 100% RTO Cost Protection: Magic checkout comes with 100% RTO protection cost. You are reimbursed for any reverse shipping costs for RTOs on COD orders.

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Razorpay Magic Checkout is a superior RTO reduction service with many other features, including everything that Thirdwatch already had and much more!

FeatureMagic CheckoutThirdwatch
RTO IntelligenceUses 300+ parameters across 100 million+ data points to flag risky ordersLimited parameters and data points
COD AvailabilityDisable COD dynamically for high-risk usersNA
RTO AnalyticsDetailed insights and recommendationsLimited reporting and insights
RTO Protection100% RTO cost protectionNo RTO cost protection
Checkout ExperienceEnd to end, 5X faster checkoutNA

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You will be required to upgrade to Razorpay Magic Checkout" for continued RTO reduction services.

  • On 15 Dec 2022, we announced the change.
  • From 10 Jan 2023, Thirdwatch will no longer be available.

We request that you upgrade to

for a superior RTO reduction and protection plan since Thirdwatch will no longer be available post 10 Dec 2023.

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