Get Started With Payment Gateway

Check the initial steps to get started with Razorpay Payment Gateway integration.

Integrate your website, app or ecommerce store with the Razorpay Payment Gateway using one of the available integration methods and start accepting payments.

Before you begin, please consider:

Not Ready to Integrate Yet?

If you are unsure about integrating with Razorpay Gateway, you can use Payment Buttons. Using this you can embed a Payment Button on your website by adding a couple of lines of code. Know more about Payment Button.

No Codes/No Integration Razorpay Solutions
Razorpay offers several solutions using which you can accept payments without integrating or using any code. Know more about the various no-code apps that we offer.

Integration Types🔗

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Web Integration🔗

Integrate Razorpay Standard Checkout with your website to start accepting online payments from your customers. Razorpay supports a slew of payment methods such as netbanking, credit and debit cards, wallets and UPI. Know more about Standard Checkout Integration.

Quick Integration
You can use the automatic checkout method (Quick Integration) to quickly integrate Razorpay Gateway with your website and start accepting payments. However, we recommend using the Manual checkout method (Standard Integration) to provide greater control over your integrations.

Other Integrations🔗