Integrate With Capacitor Standard SDK

Integrate Razorpay Standard Checkout with your Capacitor app.

Integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your Capacitor app to accept payments. The Razorpay Capacitor plugin acts as a wrapper around our native Android and iOS SDKs.

Latest Razorpay Cordova Standard SDK Versions🔗

Version No.

Release Date



08 July 2022

Feature: Support for Capacitor


06 May 2022

Feature: Updated error response


07 April 2022


  • Semgrep Integration
  • Updated Android based SDK version to 1.6.19
  • Updated peer dependency version for capacitor core
  • F/SDK availability v2

Video Tutorial🔗

Watch this video to know how to integrate Razorpay Payment Gateway on your Capacitor app.