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Payment Methods

You can view the details of the payment methods enabled for your Razorpay account from the Settings → Payment Methods tab. Also, you can raise requests for additional methods.

Any request initiated from this panel is raised to our partner banks and the onboarding process for that method is started.


  • This feature is available only on the Live mode of the Razorpay Dashboard.
  • User roles that can configure payment methods using this setting are:
    • Owner
    • Admin
    • Manager


The panel shows you which methods are already activated for your account and which can be requested. Once requested, the status of the request goes through the following steps:




This indicates that a request has been raised, but it has not yet been acted upon.


This indicates that the request was initially raised, but was later cancelled, either by you or by another team member.


This indicates that the request has been taken up for onboarding by our partner banks.

Action Required

In some cases, a request may be blocked due to an issue with your account. For example, the activation form might be missing some information. In such cases, the request will be placed in Action Required state, along with a comment that indicates what needs to be done. You must re-initiate the request after the action is done.


This indicates that onboarding for this method has been rejected for your account. This generally happens due to category restrictions. More details will be shared in the comment next to the status.


This indicates that a request that was previously in Action Required state has now been re-initiated after the action is complete.


This indicates that the method is now live and visible on your standard checkout.


Activation of each of these methods involves onboarding with our partner banks. The average activation time is currently observed to be 10 working days, although this can vary across methods and banks. We are actively working to reduce this further.


All methods requested via the Payment Methods tab will be enabled for your account using Standard Pricing, or whatever default pricing is already configured for your account for that method.


The Payment Methods tab currently shows a limited number of methods that we can freely enable for your account. We are working on adding a host of other features here, including recurring methods, international enablement, third-party validation, and so on.


If a request raised by you is not acted upon within the shared timeline, you can raise this on our Support Portal. Please share your Merchant ID and the method for which you have raised a request.