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Payment Gateway

Welcome to Razorpay! This guide you to:

Sign Up🔗

To get started:

  1. Sign up for a Razorpay account. Perform the following steps: Pre-sign Up Form, Verify Email Address, Account Activation and KYC Verification.
  2. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard and generate API keys in test mode. You can use these test API keys to integrate the Payment Gateway and simulate transactions in a sandbox environment. Activate your account and generate API keys in live mode once you are ready to accept live payments from customers.
  3. Start accepting payments by integrating your website or app with our SDKs and plugins. Select an integration method.
  4. Enable payment methods from the Razorpay Dashboard. Know more about payment methods.
  5. View details regarding refunds and settlements on the Razorpay Dashboard.

Accept Payments Using Payment Gateway (Website or Ecommerce Store Required!)🔗

Integrate your website or ecommerce store with the Razorpay Payment Gateway using our range of Checkout solutions.

Web Integration

  • Standard Checkout Integration

  • Gravity Forms

  • Gravity Forms

  • Mobile Integration

  • Android Standard Checkout Integration

  • iOS Standard Checkout Integration

  • Cordova SDK Integration

  • React Native SDK Integration

  • Flutter SDK Integration

  • Ecommerce Plugins

  • Arastta Integration

  • CS-Cart Integration

  • Easy Digital Download Integration

  • Magento Integration

  • OpenCart Integration

  • PrestaShop Integration

  • Shopify Integration

  • WHMCS Integration

  • Wix Integration

  • WooCommerce Integration

  • WordPress Integration

  • Server Integrations (Languages)

  • PHP Integration

  • Ruby Integration

  • Python Integration

  • NodeJS Integration

  • .NET Integration

  • Java Integration

  • Go Integration

  • Accept Payments Using Other Applications🔗

    Want to start accepting payments using one of our other applications? Click on the links to view more details on each application.

    Product and Use

    Payment Links
    Share payment link via an email, SMS, messenger or chatbot and get paid immediately.

    Payment Pages
    Take your store online instantly with zero coding. Accept international and domestic payments with automated payment receipts.

    Smart Collect
    Generate virtual bank accounts and UPI IDs on demand and accept payments using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and UPI. Get notified for each incoming payment and automate the tedious reconciliation process.

    Offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes.

    Create and send GST-compliant invoices that your customers can pay online instantly. Get paid faster and improve your cash flow.

    Make Payouts🔗

    Payout Method and Description

    Easily split incoming payments to individual accounts, make vendor payouts, manage marketplace money flow and much more using powerful APIs.

    A neo-banking platform that helps businesses owners and finance teams automate manual, repetitive financial tasks and provide insights into money flow.

    RazorpayX helps small and large businesses simplify all types of payouts including:
    ● Refunds for customers.
    ● Salary payouts with automated statutory payments such as PF and TDS.
    ● Vendor payouts with automated TDS payments.

    Make timely payouts on RazorpayX either via our user-friendly Dashboard or dev-friendly APIs.