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The terminology associated with Invoices is listed below:




GST Identification Number


Corporate Identity Number


Integrated Goods and Service Tax


State Goods and Service Tax


Central Goods and Service Tax

Expiry Date

The date after which the customer cannot pay for the invoice

Issue Date

The date on which the created invoice is sent to the customer

Billing Address

The billing address of the customer

Shipping Address

The address to which the the ordered item will be shipped

Place of Supply

The name of the state or the union territory to which the ordered item will be delivered

HSN Code

Harmonized System of Nomenclature code of a particular class of item/service under GST. HSN code is 8-character long

SAC Code

Service Accounting Codes (SAC) of a particular class of item/service under GST. The character range of an SAC code can be from 2-6 characters

Tax Rate

The rate of tax applicable for a particular class of item as per HSN/SAC code

Unit Price

Price of a single item