No-code solutions are on the rise. They’re only expected to get more significant, more accessible, making it possible to ship products faster.

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking for ways to streamline and automate payments, no-code solutions can help. 

Razorpay hosted a Masterclass on the importance of no-code solutions in building a great product with Madhuri M, Product Designer & Co-founder at Xperian. 

The Masterclass that was called “Start accepting payments in minutes: without writing code”  covered topics like: 

  • Where to begin with no-code?
  • No code payment use cases at Xperian
  • What to choose: No-code or Low Code?
  • Case study: Zero Rupees Stack for enabling payments with smart automation

With no-code tools, there are no limits to which individuals can come up with their products and services. It gives people the opportunity to only think about their primary business operations rather than wasting time on parameters like database design, front-end development, or back-end architecture. 

Highlights from the Masterclass

Madhuri Maram, Co-founder & Designer at Xperian, with Gautham Varma, Sr. Product Manager- No-code Apps suite at Razorpay, and Jagan Bhadragiri, Sr. Product Manager, Platform at Razorpay, conducted a masterclass on “Start Accepting Payments in Minutes: Smart Automation without Writing Code.”

In this session, they discussed the importance and benefits of setting up a no-code payments landscape. While the “no-code” movement for building products has arrived, accepting and managing payments plays an essential role in setting up the value generation side of the business. 

The thought of “no-code” isn’t just about building ideas to products faster and setting up new businesses or startups. It also means making workflow automation quick and easy, improving business processes, or making your business run and grow better.

No code solutions for payments
Make your automation easy with no-code solutions

Now, you may ask!

  • What?! The entire process to accept payments isn’t dependent on code? 
  • What does it take for a business, especially its customers, to pay faster?
  • Since there is so much that needs to happen for it all to go smoothly, from accepting payments, sending confirmation of each transaction, to collecting information from customers, would no-code cover it all?

These were a few of many questions that were answered during the no-code payments Masterclass where attendees were introduced to a world where payments are safe, easy, and fast without depending on code or tech expertise.

Madhuri M, a leading no-code solutions expert, helped us grasp the importance of no-code payment solutions with automation for businesses. She discussed using payment buttons, payment pages, and subscriptions at Xperian.

The idea to the obsession of getting into no-code is super easy. You can launch today without overthinking. Madhuri M

At Razorpay, we believe that creating a business should be accessible to everyone. While there are many no-code tools to cover the product, marketing, and delivery aspects, it’s essential to understand the need for no-code solutions, especially for online payments. 

“Receiving payments should be the last bottleneck for your business.” – Madhuri M 

Profits through no-code
Cover all the facets of your product, marketing, delivery, and profits through no-code

Where to Begin with No-Code?

One can build many things with ease with no-code tools. Here are some use cases and commonly used stacks with easy-to-use platforms and plug-and-play functioning.

  • Ecommerce with Digital Products: Razorpay integration with Carrd, Buy me a coffee, Shopify, and WordPress to sell courses, services, and content online.
Ecommerce Digital statistics
Razorpay’s no-code payment solutions are compatible with other no-code tools
E-commerce Examples No-code digital
E-commerce with digital products
  • Ecommerce with Physical Products: Razorpay integration with platforms like Dukaan, Shopify, Carrd, and WordPress to quickly build an online store and sell products.
Ecommerce Physical
Razorpay’s no-code payment solutions can take your business online and start selling your products on a variety of platforms
E-commerce with physical products
Recurring payments are simplified with Razorpay’s subscription buttons and subscription links
E-commerce with digital subscriptions
E-commerce with digital subscriptions

What else is Possible with No-Code?

“It’s not just a website builder. You can do a lot more with no-code tools” – Madhuri M

  • Marketplace set-up with Softr + Airtable: Softr for setting up the front-end and Airtable for back-end
  • Directory, tracker, and stores: Glide+ Gsheets or with Bubble + Airtable, Webflow + Airtable 
  • Notion + Razorpay: For Guides, gated content, or setting up paid information 
  • Spread simple + Razorpay + Gsheets: For simple site-building, tracking and managing the information 
  • Automation and workflows with Razorpay on Zapier with the capability to connect Razorpay with Zoho, Slack, GSheets, and 3000+ apps through Zapier.

Read more: About Razorpay on Zapier and 6 Must have Zaps

No code payment solutions (Use cases at Xperian)

Payment Buttons

 Xperian’s team took the idea to create a website (for a course that runs over 2 weeks and costs around Rs. 5000 per seat) and closed all cohort seats within a record time of 6 days. Madhuri says that only no-code tools like Razorpay’s Payment Buttons could help the team get there. “We were able to rope in revenue of INR 1.25 lakhs, and this was easily possible because I didn’t have to think about integrating code,” she says.

Some kind words from Madhuri M on Payment Buttons

Your business too can get started with one-time and recurring payments in less than five minutes with a payment button. Get paid faster with pre-made templates for “Pay Now, Donate Now, Buy Now“, and more buttons!

Use-case of Payment Buttons

Payment Pages

Madhuri M on how Payment Pages helped Xperian’s registration process

With Payment Pages, you can create custom web pages for selling courses and products online, collect registrations for webinars or events, receive donations for NGOs, and more! Payment Pages lets you offer100+ payment modes, including UPI, NEFT, Cards, EMI, etc., and go live in minutes.

Use-case of Payment Pages

Some more no-code payment solutions by Razorpay:

Payment links

Get paid easily and quickly with Payment links. Share payment links via email, SMS, messenger, and a chatbot. Accept online payments for COD orders, easily sell your products on social media, collect partial payments, and set up payment reminders – all with Payment Links.

Subscription links

Create links for your subscription plans and share with your customers via SMS, WhatsApp, social media, email, etc and turn one-time buyers into subscribers!

Low Code or no-code?

The more customization you want, the more coding is involved. But, no-code solutions are essentially code-based products that are wrapped with multiple layers so WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

“The more time you take to go to market, the lesser value you will be able to provide. That’s where no-code solutions help.” Madhuri M 

Madhuri and team then went on to take the Masterclass attendees through a working session with a case study as an example.

Case Study: How can people book my time with payments, so I don’t need to manually send out the info?

Suppose you run a business where you need your customers to book an appointment slot with you and make payments with additional information. The customer should be able to find all the information they require and make an informed decision about their purchase. Your business needs to provide options and pricing information to allow customers to book slots.

The problem statement at hand

We create a Zero Rupees Stack :

(Basically a stack of solutions that cost your business no money):

  • Marketing: For landing pages/ web pages-Unicorn Platform
  • Payments: No Code Payment Solution: Razorpay Payment Pages
  • Booking: Online appointment and scheduling: Calendly
  • Post Booking Info: Form: Tally
  • Zapier and Gsheets: For capturing the records

The customers/students/clients just need to pay and confirm a time slot, and then the event will be scheduled and captured easily. So, this is how no-code solutions can empower your business, without being pushy.

The Workflow
The no-code stack for accepting payments

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to simplifying, automating, and building with no-code tools. Want to know more about building no-code solutions for your business? Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a Zero Rupees Stack for your business with no-code solutions.


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