Payroll is a very complicated process for all businesses. And, there are several HR challenges that come up, which can cause significant problems if not rectified.  

While unique and unusual challenges may always arise, many typical workplace issues are relatively simpler to deal with, if you know exactly what they are. Then, you can quickly automate your payroll via an HR management tool.

Here are the top challenges you should look out for. 

Employee retention

Nothing is more frustrating than spending months (or even years) educating an employee; to watch them walk out the door without batting an eye. It eats into the budget and throws the organisation back to square one.

When this happens, the HR department is faced with many questions: Why did they leave? What went wrong? How to make this right? How can you avoid this problem in the future? 

Solution: To boost staff retention, concentrate on remuneration, incentives, and culture. Pay must be equitable and timely, matching market expectations and the work culture should inspire true loyalty. 

Attract candidates year-round using your social media channels. You can even engage with past applicants who may fit the job better today.

Confusing employee questions 

Employees often have questions about the company, its culture, payroll, and more. These questions can pose an HR challenge if not properly addressed.

Solution: The HR department serves as a link between employees and the business. Any employment-related issues or conflicts should be routed through HR to guarantee impartiality and a negotiated settlement.

The goal is to have quick access to relevant data. Contract variants, wage information, and past disciplinary reports should all be readily available to make addressing employee questions easy.

Productivity issues 

Many things can cause productivity issues in employees. Lack of resources, insufficient employee bandwidth, work habits, and more contribute towards lack of productivity. And, it’s up to the organisation to identify these HR challenges and help employees overcome them.

Solution: Senior staff and the HR management team should perform performance reviews periodically, using an integrated performance software system. This can be saved to offer a historical context for future research, serving as a standard and correctly measuring advances.

Improved morale or more training may be all that you require to raise productivity, but a thorough analysis will also show areas where improvement is necessary.

Diversification and Inequality

It is a well-known fact that diversification and inequality are deep-rooted HR challenges. When you try to portray your organisation to be diverse, you need to show reports to support it. How can you fix this problem? 

Solution: If your company doesn’t already have a policy on diversity in the workplace, creating one should be your first step. Define your policies and actions you’d take when the policies are not being followed. 

Disciplinary issues 

Disciplinary procedures are quite challenging for the HR department if they are subject to interpretation, or if they are not followed. 

Solution: Every occurrence that necessitates disciplinary action should follow a specific solution or action pattern. Keep track of all communications, adhere to corporate policies, and make no exceptions unless in the most severe conditions.

Recruitment issues 

Finding the right person for a specific role is quite difficult. One of the biggest HR challenges is finding the right talent. An increasing number of people opt for remote jobs, freelancing, or contracts, giving way to many recruitment avenues.

Solution: Leverage the many job portals available today and interact with potential candidates. Reach out to thought leaders within your organisation to post the requirement on their social media platforms. 

Payroll issues 

The gap between HR management and accounting presents an enormous rift that could cause delayed payroll or employees to receive incorrect wages. Delayed salaries or incorrect compliance payments can further put the business at risk of penalties.

Solution: To keep employees happy and avoid future pay issues, you should automate your entire payroll process. This ensures accurate payroll calculations, timely payments, as well as compliance payments like TDS, PT, PF, and ESI. 

Over to you

HR challenges can be quite daunting if not dealt with properly. Anticipating where these challenges could arise is the first step in ensuring a smooth HR process in your organisation.  Decreasing the number of incidents keeps your employees happy, thereby contributing to the productivity of your organisation. 


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