Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the busiest commercial days of the year worldwide, in terms of sales. Though the frenzy in India isn’t nearly as crazy as that of Diwali, it’s heavy enough to make a dent as one of the busiest days in e-commerce.

With the new e-commerce rage taking over traditional, offline gift-buying, business owners can expect a growing influx of eager young adults flocking to their sites for different options.

Here’s an interesting stat for you: the value of Valentine’s Day sales 2 years ago surpassed $18 billion worldwide! The average spending on Valentine’s Day is estimated at around $136 per person, including both in-store and online purchases.

So, here we are, with a plan in hand for you. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve condensed the best actionable tips in the market to make sure everyone’s having a day full of love. Let’s begin!

Tip 1: Love is everywhere, even on the website

It’s important to bring in the spirit of celebration but it’s more important to be vocal about it. Customize your website with a Valentine’s Day-inspired layout for your website, decked with a full red theme et al.

On the other hand, there’s no need to go all-out and warp your website out of recognition. Just a few simple additions, here and there, and of course, a few words will do the trick. You can even add a microsite to compile all the special deals you are offering.

Tip 2: Send them a personalized email

One of the best ways to express your profound gratitude to your customers is to send them a well-written letter. An email would work, too, of course.

Create a custom email template, add a compelling subject line and say a few kind words to your recipients. There’s no doubt that a little note can go a long way in strengthening your bond with your customer.

Also, make sure to provide a special deal or a discount as part of this. This will incentivize your customers to visit your website and make a purchase. 

Studies show that 94% feel it is always smart to buy gifts on discounts. Therefore, 78% of the total respondents actually like to wait for online sales before buying gifts.

Tip 3: Offer Valentine’s Day-themed coupons and offers

One of the most viable ways to get traction to your campaign is to create themed codes. You can employ discount codes after a certain purchase threshold. This can be bundled up to expire within a certain timeframe.

More than 75 percent of those dating, engaged or married “celebrate” Valentine’s Day by buying gifts for their partners. They are likely to spend anywhere between INR 1,500 and Rs 3,000 on flowers, cards, and other memorabilia. 

This can also prove to be an effective way to engage with your customers on social media. You can pair these themed coupons as a reward for a social media contest too. This further incentivizes their need to buy your products within a limited time.

Tip 4: Gift wrapping is key

One of the busiest days for gifts will obviously require its fair load of gift-wrapping. Hence, it’s important that you stay prepared for all the gift-wrapping requests you will receive.

A gift wrapping option is a life saviour since it allows buyers to get their presents wrapped remotely. By enabling gift wrapping, not only you can enhance your customer service, but also increase metrics like average order value. You can also provide the ability for shoppers to add a personalized note or a card to the gift. Apart from planning a Valentine-themed gift wrap experience, you can also offer free gift wrapping for specific products to go that extra mile.

Tip 5: Offer a “Buyer Guide” to customers

A buying guide is one of the most underrated things available on an e-commerce site. When customers flock to your site looking for options, a buyer guide can really help accelerate what they’re looking for.

This buyer guide also helps nudge your customers in the right direction by providing them options that exactly fit their use-case. You can choose to advertise different combos or packages that you’re offering for Valentine’s Day. You can customize it to provide options for him, her and a couples package, too!

Tip 6: Ensure on-time delivery

There’s no doubt that there’s one thing that’s holding this day together for both businesses and couples– and that is timing.

The most crucial factor about Valentine’s Day that makes it highly stressful is on-time delivery. Make sure you’re well-equipped to face and deliver the high influx of orders you’ll be receiving during this period. 

All this effort can turn into a disaster if a gift is not delivered to the person it was intended for on time. So, the key to making your customers fully satisfied with your service is to arrange on-time order shipping and delivery. We recommend that you contact your delivery service partners and double-check all the arrangements to eliminate the risk of shipment delays.

During this busy time, it can be a huge task to keep an eye on the fraudulent orders, too. That’s why we’re here to help you. This Valentine’s Day, leave the hard work of detecting incomplete addresses and flagging suspicious orders to us. Check out how we help e-commerce business owners detect fraud seamlessly and reduce their RTO rates here.

Wrapping up, Valentine’s Day is truly a blessing for both sellers and buyers. It can be a great way to bring those profits back up while keeping your customers happy. We hope this little list helped you execute the big day a little easier. We’ll see you soon with more tips like these! 



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