“Upsell and cross-sell can help you boost your eCommerce business revenue.” 

Revenue potential doesn’t end once the purchase process is complete. As per Marketo, 90% of customer value is obtained after the initial sale. Practicing upselling and cross-selling tactics can potentially help you exceed your eCommerce business revenue goals. Top brands are already leveraging upsell and cross-sell features, albeit non-salesy. 

In this Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution blog post, we will dive deep to understand what upsell and cross-sell are, the apps worth trying on Shopify stores, and more. 

What is Upsell and Cross Sell?


what is upsell?

Upsell, or Up-Sell, is upping the sales game by encouraging customers to buy an upgraded, premium, or enhanced version of the product they want to buy in order to increase the purchase amount or ticket size. Here’s an example, when a customer chooses a particular mobile phone model, the online store shows an upgraded version of the same or another model with similar but better features, which would cost slightly more. 

Cross Sell

What is cross sell?

Cross-sell motivates customers to buy additional products that will complement their order. For example, a customer chooses to buy a mobile phone, and the online store suggests mobile phone cases and screen guards to cross-sell additional products and increase their sales value. 

How to Upsell and Cross Sell?

Narrow Down the Choices 

Too many choices can cause decision fatigue, which is why avoid bombarding your customers with a plethora of options. And if someone doesn’t go for a promoted product, don’t push them. Upsell and cross-sell should not be part of aggressive sales strategies but gentle suggestions. 

Try to Offer Bundles 

Each extra step a customer takes, whether trying to explore related products or trying to checkout; every additional step can make the decision process more complex. Customers don’t want to feel exhausted while trying to shop online. That’s why try to make every step easy for your customers. 

The easiest way to cross-sell is by offering bundles, meaning combining a few related items and then letting the customers decide whether they would like to go with the bundle offer or stick to the single product only. 

Price Anchoring is the Key 

Price anchoring is a good sales tactic to incorporate when trying to cross-sell. Price anchoring is a technique where eCommerce businesses present two or sometimes more relevant products abreast, where one product will be less priced than the other or both of the same price but one with better value or deal. 

For example, consider a customer wanting to buy a DSLR. The eCommerce store displays a DSLR worth Rs. 30,000 without add-ons or accessories. The same store suggests another DSLR of the same price but with add-ons/accessories, such as an extra flash, camera bag, and an SD card. This persuades customers to think that the one with add-ons is a better deal or value for money. The crux here is not to do price anchoring haphazardly. Think of communicating the message carefully. Think of adding value to your offer. 

Never Be Pushy 

The thumb rule of upselling and cross-selling is not to be pushy. Recommend products that will make logical sense to the customers, given their existing basket, and will add value to that basket. The more pushy you are, the more the customer will be reluctant to buy. 

  • Avoid doing up-selling or cross-selling right when a customer visits your online store. 
  • Don’t recommend a host of products just because you want your customers to buy more. 
  • Don’t add add-ons on your own when customers add something to their cart, hoping they won’t notice. 

Post-Purchase Cross-Selling is a Good Idea 

Don’t think that your opportunity to cross-sell ends after the customers have made their purchase. Once a customer completes their checkout journey, brands typically send a confirmation email confirming their purchase, the price of the product, and the delivery date. 

This is your opportunity to remind them of additional and relevant products they might find useful. Add links to relevant products to give your customers more value when emailing.  

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6 Upsell and Cross-Sell Apps for Shopify Stores 

Knowing that eCommerce stores would want the best upsell and cross-sell app to add to their Shopify stores, Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution, has dug deep to determine which apps will be the right choice for you, and we have prepared this list based on proper research. 

Monk Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

Monk Cart- upsell and cross sell app

Rating: 4.9 Stars (250+ reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: Free | Basic plan starts from 3200 INR/month

Monk Cart Upsell & Cross Sell is a powerful tool to increase sales. With the help of this app, eCommerce stores can easily recommend products to their customers similar to what they are buying, show different offers, and nudge across the buying journey to boost sales revenue. It lets you customize the design and user experience of the pop-ups just the way you want and is compatible with stores using different currencies and Shopify Markets. 

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Vitals app for cross sell

Rating: 5 Stars (4000+ reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: Basic plan starts from 2500 INR/month. 

Vitals comes along with more than 40 conversion-boosting features. It integrates with Shopify stores seamlessly and doesn’t slow down the online store. With the help of Vitals, you can create unlimited bundles and increase your margins strategically to increase your business revenue. Other features include product reviews, email marketing, Instagram shoppable feeds, live chat, urgency and scarcity notifications, and more. 

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

ReConvert app

Rating: 4.9 Stars (3500+ reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: Free | Basic plan starts from 400 INR/month

ReConvert enables eCommerce stores to add one-click upsell in an instant. One can add discounted, post-purchase, and even thank-you page upsells. eCommerce stores can build a strategy super fast by using their drag-and-drop editor. If someone wants to trigger bundle upsells, ReConvert lets you do that too. 

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Upsell-Pop Ups-Email Marketing

One upsell app

Rating: 5 Stars (2300+ reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: Free | Basic plans start from 400 INR/month 

Upsell-Pop Ups app is considered to be suitable for email marketing, upselling, and cross-selling. Knowing that upselling and cross-selling can turn out to be pushy at times, Upsell-Pop Ups ensure they are done subtly and strategically. The features include A/B testing, a one-click upsell checkout page, automated emails and SMSs to upsell, and other relevant features to boost sales. 

Frequently Bought Together

Cross sell and upsell app

Rating: 4.9 Stars (2000+ reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: 30-day free trial | Basic starts from 800 INR/month

Frequently Bought Together lets customers quickly buy related products with a single tap. With Frequently Bought Together, you can also provide an Amazon-like experience to your customers in your Shopify stores. It uses AI to recommend products for optimum results and fine-tunes related products to create bundles. Frequently Bought Together also enables you to offer four bundle discounts for more conversions. 

Upsell & Cross Sell- Selleasy

Selleasy app

Rating: 5 Stars (600+ Reviews)

App Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan | 550 INR/per month

Selleasy helps with both pre and post-purchase upsell and cross-sell. One can leverage Selleasy’s AI algorithm to recommend products or manually create suggestions and offers automatically. It shows Amazon-style “frequently bought together” bundles, lets you cross-sell products when someone reaches the product page, displays recommendations based on the products customers have added to their cart, and the post-purchase upsell page happens with one click. 

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Final Words

With the right upsell and cross-sell strategy, eCommerce businesses can boost their business revenue and enhance customer lifetime value. Customers who see proper recommendations at the right time are more likely to spend more money on your online store. 


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