Find out the top Shopify apps in India for your eCommerce store in this Razorpay Magic Checkout, a one-click checkout solution blog post.

Shopify, as everyone knows, is a robust eCommerce platform where businesses can build their online stores to start selling their products. It helps businesses set up their online stores with minimum configurations. This no-fuss platform is easy to use and provides hosting and development solutions to online stores to set up their eCommerce stores without any hassle. 

There are more than 30,000 Shopify stores in India and more than 30 million Shopify stores globally. And, there are multiple Shopify apps to enhance the functionality of eCommerce stores so that online stores can grow better.

One can find apps related to inventory management, marketing, customer reviews, checkout, coupons & discounts, cataloguing and much more. And these apps can do wonders for eCommerce stores.

Shopify ensures that everyone present in its ecosystem finds an app that will be useful for them. This is why Shopify has 4000+ apps available for businesses. But with so many apps, how can one be sure about the apps that will be relevant and beneficial for their businesses?

Not to worry. This blog covers top Shopify apps in India that every eCommerce business should have. Let’s get started! 

Top Apps for eCommerce Stores

#1 Klaviyo- Email Marketing & SMS

Shopify Store Rating – 4 Star (1648 reviews)

Email marketing is one of the most prudent ways to reach out to customers, but many online stores say that the emails they want to send to their customers need to be customer-centric and this is what they need help with. 

Data for example plays an important role in understanding what an online store needs to do so that they can start sending relevant emails and SMSes to market their products. This is where Klayvio comes into the picture. Klaviyo stores all the necessary customer data so that online stores can understand the full story of their customers  and build experiences across emails that will make a difference. Klaviyo helps in measuring the results and not just clicks and open rates. 

With Klayvio one can schedule as well as send automated marketing emails for order follow-ups, cart abandonment, price drop alerts, recommendations, etc. And the best part is that most of these marketing emails are pre-built. But if someone wants to design their own emails or choose another template, they can do that too. Another good thing about Klaviyo is that this app lets online stores segment their users to decide which segment should get what type of communication emails. 

Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan is available, but additional charges may be applied depending on individual requirements. 

Key Features 

  • Helps online stores build audience segmentation to send relevant communication emails and SMSs with predictive analytics. 
  • It syncs Shopify data in real-time, such as website activity, coupons, catalogues, etc. 
  • Provides online stores with real-time data as per channel, segment, campaign, and automation. 
  • Has tons of proven eCommerce templates. One can add content to these templates based on their customers’ product preferences, browsing activities, etc. 
  • Allow Shopify stores to do targeted promotions, such as for short-term discounts, new products, and more. 

#2 WhatsApp by SuperLemon: Marketing+Support on Whatsapp

Shopify Store Rating – 4.3 Star (1183 reviews)

Marketing channels are many and it is always better to reach out to customers where they are easily available. Take WhatsApp for example. WhatsApp has become the go-to messaging app for everyone in the world. Statistics show that more than 1.6 billion people are using WhatsApp, which means the target audience is already present in this messaging app. 

Although there are different ways to drive sales and communicate with target audiences, WhatsApp is coming out as one of the best channels for eCommerce/D2C brands to reach out to the right customers to boost business revenue! And WhatsApp by SuperLemon does exactly what new-age eCommerce businesses want, which is to enable online stores to market their products through WhatsApp seamlessly. 

WhatsApp by SuperLemon is a chat widget that lets online stores send manual and automated notifications on WhatsApp for order tracking, order confirmation, abandoned cart recovery, better customer service, and much more. One can also use SuperLemon for feedback collection and upselling. Although there is a free plan, the paid plan is better as it lets business owners have their own WhatsApp business API. There are custom templates that one can try to do marketing campaigns to scale.

Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan is available and additional charges may be applied based on requirements. 

Key Features 

  • Create custom message templates to engage with customers better and send different types of messages, such as for order confirmation, COD notification, order tracking, etc. 
  • Send manual or automated cart recovery messages to encourage customers to complete their purchase process. 
  • The Shared Team Inbox lets business owners manage customer chats, send custom catalogue messages, and assign chats and collaborations with teams. 
  • Multiple custom templates are available to choose from based on the requirements. 
  • Lets online stores create segments for their customers based on their buying history and custom attributes. 

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#3 Shiprocket- Shipping in India 

Shopify Store Rating: 3.6 Star (434 reviews)

Online stores always want the best courier partner to deliver their products safely because after the product is given to them to deliver it to the customer, it’s on them to keep and deliver the product safely and securely. Thus, getting in touch with the right courier service becomes crucial. And to help eCommerce businesses find the right courier partner, here is Shiprocket. 

Shiprocket had its inception in 2017. It is a product of BigFoot Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd and helps eCommerce/D2C brands ship orders seamlessly via a unified interface where brands can find more than 17+ courier partners to choose from. With Shiprocket’s help, online stores can optimize shipping, manage daily operations, and do more from one platform efficiently. 

To make things easier for online stores, Shiprocket provides Courier Recommendation Engine, which one can use to identify the right courier service. The recommendations are based on the return to origin percentage, meaning the percentage of undelivered orders, pick up and delivery performance,  meaning the time taken to pick up an order from the seller’s warehouse and time taken to make a successful delivery of an order, shipping charges, and COD remittance, meaning the time taken by a courier company to remit the amount for a COD order once they receive it from the customer.

Link: Get the app

Price: Their shipping charges start from Rs. 20/500 grams for domestic shipping. There are multiple plans to choose from as well. 

Key Features 

  • It offers a shipping calculator so that one can plan for their shipment and the shipping calculator is easy to use. 
  • Shiprocket has partnered with more than 17 courier partners so that eCommerce/D2C brands can choose one based on their needs. 
  • Shiprocket delivers products to 24000 serviceable pin codes in India. 
  • The Courier Recommendation Engine is a fantastic feature, which makes finding the right courier partner a breeze. 
  • There is no monthly setup fee and provides maximum security coverage for lost shipments. 

#4a Smart SEO: Optimize Shopify Store 

Shopify Store Rating: 4.9 Star (1086 reviews)

Even though physical and eCommerce stores run differently in different ways, they have one single goal, which is to reach out to the target audience. And businesses that have an online presence should know the importance of SEO (search engine optimization). To help online stores understand what SEO is, here’s an easy explanation. 

A person goes to a new city and asks three people about a good Indian restaurant and all three of them answer differently:

  1. The first one says “I have never been to one, but I have heard Pind Balluchi serves good Indian food”. 
  2. The second one replies “I have been to Pind Balluchi and their food is fantastic. You should go there”. 
  3. The third person says “Sorry, I don’t know” and leaves. 

Now, the search engine is quite similar to these city folks. Just like the first two people who gave information, search engines are built to provide searchers with appropriate and relevant information. It’s just that the internet needs to be fed with relevant information for the search engines to consume it and finally show the information to people searching for it. But despite all the marketing efforts, what if the search engine is not able to give an answer to someone’s query like the third person? This is when Smart SEO comes into the limelight. 

If someone is running an eCommerce store on Shopify and wants their store to be found on Google and other search engines, try Smart SEO. It is a user-friendly app and makes optimising an online store easy. Smart SEO provides the right tools to take care of crucial SEO areas, such as page speed, image optimization, meta tags, and more. Smart SEO does all the SEO work for online stores so that they can drive more traffic to their stores and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPS).

Link: Get the app 

Price: 7-day free trial is available. 

Key Features 

  • Smart SEO generates meta tags instantly for relevant products so that businesses can focus on other important work.
  • It boosts the SEO of Shopify stores and every image and optimizes them to rank higher on search engine result pages. 
  • It optimizes the speed of Shopify store pages, which improves the UX and overall ranking on search engines. 
  • Provides structured data and insights to understand which pages are performing well and what else can be done to improve. 
  • It detects issues and automatically fixes them allowing business owners have peace of mind. 

#4b SEOKart: SEO & Image Optimizer

Shopify Store Rating: 5 Star

SEOKart is a comprehensive SEO application specifically crafted for Shopify Merchants, offering many tools to optimize Shopify stores and boost organic reach, leading to improved rankings and revenue. With SEOKart, there’s no need for any additional SEO application. This all-in-one solution is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level stores at a startup price and comes equipped with a range of exceptional features. 

It’s an all-in-one SEO app with advanced audit, top-notch bulk optimizer, image optimizer, and rich snippets!

Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan is available and paid plan starts from Rs.800 per month

Key Features

  • A comprehensive SEO audit covering all products, categories, and pages to explicitly identify the errors that impede your ability to gain better traction.
  • The Bulk Optimizer is a remarkably functional tool that lets you update all empty Meta Tags with just one click.
  • The SEO Rich Snippets feature enhances your Click-Through Rate (CTR) by providing vital data like product reviews, ratings, and store information to Google.
  • The Image Optimizer optimizes image sizes, boosts page speed, and lets you add Alt-text and edit file names with a single click.
  • The Rank Tracker accurately tracks the rankings of the most significant keywords on a weekly basis, which you will undoubtedly appreciate.

#5 PageFly- Landing Page Builder 

Shopify Store Rating: 4.9 Star (7063 reviews)

While creating an online store on Shopify might not be that difficult, creating a store that meets the vision, idea, and creativity is surely difficult. Having said that, an online store would certainly want their Shopify landing pages to be well designed and showcase products in the best possible way so that visitors to these stores get converted into buyers by performing a specific action, for example completing the purchase process, filling out a form, signing up for emails, etc. 

Now, there are multiple Shopify landing pages, for example:

Splash landing page: A splash landing page is a page that one arrives at after they click on an ad. This page will typically have some sort of announcement, like stay tuned, coming soon etc., with catchy messaging, strong visuals, and minimal copy. 

Lead generation landing page: A lead generation landing page will have two important elements, one is the “asking” part and the second is the “reward” part. One asks something and provides the answerer with a reward after they fill in their details on the lead generation landing page. 

Sales landing page: A sales landing page is the page which does the actual conversion. A sales page will typically have your product photo, description, and a CTA to take the right action.

Thank you landing page: A thank you landing page is where an eCommerce store thanks the customer for making the purchase. Thank you landing page allows online stores to develop good customer relationships. 

To build all the landing pages discussed above, PageFly is the app to download. PageFly provides multiple aesthetically appealing landing page templates to choose from. The drag-and-drop feature makes creating landing pages exceptionally easy. Whether one wants to pick a template from the library or create a landing page on their own, online stores will get full control over what each landing page looks like. 

Link: Get the app 

Price: Free plan is available but with limited features.

Key Features 

  • PageFly is fully compatible with the current themes of the Shopify stores. One can choose a PageFly design and replace the original if needed. 
  • If there are other apps that one would like to integrate, that can be done easily with their drag-and-drop feature to display the app widgets.
  • It has more than 90 fully responsive templates to choose from.
  • PageFly helps in boosting conversions with variant option swatches, forms, badges, and more.
  • Allows online stores to build different types of landing pages fast. 

#6 EComposer- Landing Page Builder 

Shopify Store Rating: 5 Star (945 reviews)

EComposer is another good choice for stores looking for apps to build different landing pages. But the reason why EComposer has made it to the list is that the free plan comes with more features in comparison to PageFly. For example, the free plan comes with 20+ page layouts to build a product page, blog page, collection page, and other standard pages. Using EComposer is equally easy and it provides online stores with a drag-and-drop editor. The library is the best part of EComposer because it has some of the richest templates and elements ready to be used for one’s perusal. 

When it comes to working on building a template, no one needs to worry about that too as the optimized codes and speed-up tools are there to help. And if someone likes EComposer, they can go ahead with the paid plans where one will find 80+ readymade page layouts, unlimited element presets, and 190+ section layouts. Plus, there is 24/7 live chat support ensuring everyone has an ease-of-use experience. 

If readymade landing page templates are all one needs and don’t want to spend a lot of time building one from scratch, EComposer can be an ideal choice. Whether someone wants to create a landing page for a mattress, cosmetics, electronics, or other online stores, EComposer has templates for almost everyone. 

Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan is available along with paid plans. 

Key Features 

  • One can build all types of landing pages, such as a product page, homepage, contact us page, etc. 
  • The live drag-and-drop editor makes EComposer easy to use. 
  • There are unlimited element presets, 190+ section templates, and 80+ page layouts to choose from. 
  • There are built-in add-ons as well, such as Image Optimizer, Ajax Cart, etc.
  • One can integrate other add-ons as well, such as Ryviu, Joy Loyalty, Growave, etc. 

#7 Product Reviews

Shopify Store Rating: 5 Star (12383 reviews)

Getting reviews and showcasing them on an online store is prudent if a store wants to build trust among its customers. Reviews always work like social proof, which is why reviews are important. And to collect reviews, one doesn’t need to do the manual work of contacting each customer individually. To do this task, there are numerous review collection apps on Shopify. And one of the apps that one can think of trying is is a fully customizable review app and is available in 37 languages. It doesn’t only let you collect reviews, but display them as well with its user-friendly widgets. And if one wants to customize the design to match the current theme of the Shopify store, that can be done conveniently too. All one needs to do is schedule automatic emails and get every review in one app. 

Let’s say one wants to add reviews with videos or photos after successful product delivery, can do that. If there are reviews available on other apps, can help the eCommerce store import reviews from other apps as well. All in all, is a good review collection app to try to display reviews on the Shopify store or share them on different social media platforms. And if there are any queries, get in touch with their 24/7 support team.

Link: Get the app

Price: Free plan is available, which is more than enough for one’s needs. 

Key Features 

  • One can send unlimited emails to their customers to get reviews with videos and photos. 
  • There are customizable widgets available to display reviews, star ratings, and more. 
  • The reviews collected via are sharable on social media platforms. 
  • If there are group product reviews, can synchronize them across various stores and products. 
  • One can make the review collection emails more fun by adding coupons and Q&A. 

#8 Bonus App: Magic Checkout- One-Click Checkout Solution 

No matter how good the products are of an eCommerce store, the revenue largely depends on how smooth the checkout process is. Of course, other factors are there to take care of, but as per research, the cart abandonment rate is close to 70%, which is extremely high. And a frictionless checkout plays an important role in bringing down the cart abandonment rate.

Imagine customers adding an eCommerce store’s products to their carts and finally leaving the cart without paying because of a lengthy and complicated checkout process. And as part of the CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategy, ensuring that an eCommerce store provides a frictionless checkout process is not just important but a necessity. And to let customers have an exceptional online shopping journey, try Razorpay Magic Checkout. 

Razorpay Magic Checkout is a one-click checkout solution for eCommerce and D2C brands who want to simplify and enhance the overall shopping and checkout experience for their customers. Magic Checkout eliminates the arduous task of filling multiple forms to create an account and allows customers to checkout 5X faster. Along with enabling customers to checkout superfast, Magic Checkout lets online businesses keep track of their RTO rate and find actionable insights to bring down the high RTO rate. 

Link: Fill out the form and Razorpay’s team will get in touch 

<Fill The Form

Price: Please fill out the form for details 

Key Features 

  • Razorpay Magic Checkout removes the redundant and tiresome work of filling out long account creation forms and fills contact and shipping details for more than 50 million customers. This results in 5X superfast checkout. 
  • Razorpay is a trusted payment platform for millions of eCommerce stores. 
  • It offers RTO Intelligence, which means more accurate detection of RTO probability through advanced ML models; tailored for different organizations. 
  • It disables the COD payment method for high-risk orders with a high propensity to RTO based on shoppers’ historic RTO patterns, address accuracies and hundreds of other parameters.
  • Lets online stores collect COD and online payments through a single unified checkout experience, thus reducing the propensity to pay for COD by enabling the discovery of offers, etc.

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Wrapping Up 

Shopify is arguably one of the best platforms to set up an eCommerce store and the apps are one of the reasons why it is useful for online businesses. Try the Shopify apps mentioned above to make the best out of your Shopify experience. 


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