WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform – a WordPress plugin that can be easily integrated into any WordPress website. It is free, feature-rich, and extensible. It is compatible with a lot of themes and enables eCommerce stores to start selling their physical as well as digital products effortlessly. To get started, you can download the WooCommerce Plugin here

WooCommerce, as a stand-alone plugin provides a host of functionalities. And to let eCommerce stores function outstandingly, there are 50,000+ plugins available. These plugins can be used to amplify customer engagement, boost sales and generate more revenue. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 14  best WooCommerce plugins for Indian eCommerce stores. The plugins are selected based on research, reviews, user experience, and use cases. 

Disclaimer– This list is by no means exhaustive and before choosing any of the plugins mentioned below, we would advise you to understand your use case in depth and decide accordingly. 

Recommended WooCommerce Plugins 

Shipping and Fulfillment 

#1 Shiprocket 

Installation: 6000+

Get the plugin: Shiprocket  

Shiprocket has 17+ courier partners. It helps online stores optimise their shipping-related functionalities and provides a Courier Recommendation Engine to identify the right courier service. Other features are – auto order import from the WooCommerce dashboard, an automated NDR panel for faster return order processing, white labeling tracking pages, delivery of products to 24, 000 serviceable pin codes in India, no monthly setup fee and more. 

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#2 Table Rate Shipping 

Installations: 20,000+

Get the plugin: Table Rate Shipping 

The Table Rate Shipping plugin is developed by WooCommerce and extends WooCommerce’s default shipping functionalities. It lets eCommerce businesses define multiple shipping rates based on weight, price, location, item count and shipping class. One can add shipping charges per row, cost, weight unit, and percentage. The monthly charge starts from $8.25 (Rs. 668).

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#1 Razorpay Magic Checkout 

Installation: 1000+

Get the plugin: Fill out the form and Razorpay’s team will get in touch 

<Fill The Form

Razorpay Magic Checkout is a one-click checkout solution that eliminates the arduous task of filling multiple forms to create an account and allows customers to checkout 5X faster. Magic Checkout lets online businesses keep track of their RTO rate through the RTO Analytics dashboard, offers RTO Intelligence, which accurately detects RTO probability through advanced ML models; tailored for different organizations, disables the COD payment method for high-risk orders, and lets online stores collect COD and online payments through a single unified checkout experience. Transaction charge starts from 0.65% per transaction. 

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#2 One Page Checkout 

Installations: 9000+

Get the plugin: One Page Checkout 

One Page Checkout by WooCommerce can convert any page into a checkout page. It displays product selection options and checkout forms on one page for a fast checkout experience. Since everything happens on one page, customers can add and remove products and complete their purchase process at the same time on a single page. It integrates seamlessly with a host of other plugins. One Page Checkout comes with a myriad of built-in templates to cater to different use cases. The monthly charge is $6.59 (Rs. 533). 

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Product Page Builder 

#1 Website Builder by SeedProd

Installations: 10, 00,000+ 

Get the plugin: SeedProd

SeedProd is a full-fledged, no-code website builder. Some of the features are 200+ professionally built themes, pre-built landing page templates, stock images, mobile device previews, colour schemes, font combinations, dynamic scripts, and more. Landing pages built using SeedProd works on all WordPress themes. The basic plan starts from $39.5 (Rs. 3224). 

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#2 Advanced Product Fields 

Installation: 30,000+

Get the plugin: Advanced Product Field 

The Advanced Product Field plugin for WooCommerce allows business owners to add extra options such as images, swatches, dropdowns, text boxes, etc for their products. eCommerce owners can add a percentage-based, quantity-based, or flat fee to each product for the extra options. One can add multiple extra fields to a product or add the same fields to multiple products. Advanced Product Field works seamlessly with WooCommerce tax settings. There are three paid plans available. The pro plan starts from $59 (Rs. 4816) per year. 

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#1 Google Analytics

Installation: 2, 00,000+

Get the plugin: WooCommerce Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps in understanding every aspect of a target audience. It comes with a comprehensive list of metrics, which can be tracked in real-time. Google Analytics tracks data, such as sessions, types of users, channels users are coming from, pages they visit the most, bounce rate, time spent on different pages, and more. One can test and optimize Google Ads to see better results. It auto-generates reports for marketing campaigns to evaluate and monitor the store’s performance on WooCommerce. The standard version is free to use. 

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#2 Matomo Analytics

Installation: 70,000+

Get the plugin: Matomo Analytics 

Matomo Analytics is an open-source analytics tool that provides WooCommerce businesses with powerful insights to make better business decisions. It is available in more than 190 countries and 50 languages. Some of the features include campaign tracking, visitor profile, JavaScript error tracking, report comparison, funnels, session recordings, and more. It protects customers’ data and does no data sampling. The UI is similar to Google Analytics. 

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#1 Trustpilot

Installation: 30,000+

Get the plugin: Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a review community where customers leave reviews about a product, service, or brand. It’s a licensed Google Review Partner and has a content integrity team to identify fake reviews. Trustpilot allows online stores to send 100 free emails daily to collect reviews. The TrustBox widget enables online stores to display customer reviews on product pages. Reviews can be shared on different social media platforms also. A free plan is available and the paid plan starts from $225 (Rs. 18367) per domain.

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#2 Customer Reviews by CusRev 

Installation: 50,000+

Get the Plugin: Customer Reviews

The Customer Reviews plugin by CusRev makes collecting reviews via email easy.  To check the credibility of reviews, CusRev allows integration with an external service that scrutinizes the authenticity of each review. Other features include manual or automated review collection emails, multiple pre-built email templates, option to add reviews to product pages, which include rating, voting, and more. The plugin is available in more than 40 languages. Both free and pro plans are available.

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#1 Razorpay

 Installation: 70,000+

Get the plugin: Razorpay

Razorpay has been in the industry since 2014 and is actively involved in improving India’s financial infrastructure. Razorpay Payment Gateway has partnered with leading issuers across wallets, UPI, net banking, credit/debit cards, PayLater, and EMI. The dashboard allows online shoppers to see detailed statistics on settlements, payments, refunds, and more. It lets online stores create attractive offers and no-cost EMI options with just one click. It is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and goes through regular audits to ensure data is secure. There is zero set-up and annual fees. A 2% charge is applicable on all transactions (platform fees). 

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#2 WooCommerce Affordability Widget 

Installations: A new offering by Razorpay with150+ brands 

Get the plugin: Go to Razorpay Dashboard to integrate it 

Razorpay’s Affordability Widget for WooCommerce is suitable for those who want to influence customers’ purchase decisions by offering various payment options, such as EMI, Cardless EMI, and Pay Later before they reach checkout. Affordability Widget is a new offering by Razorpay and is already live with 150+ brands, such as Chumbak, Duroflex, Livpure and more. eCommerce businesses can embed these payment options and offers on product listing pages, checkout pages, and other relevant screens to educate customers and reduce cart abandonment. This helps in improving top-of-the-funnel conversion and standing out from competitors. 

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#1 Coupon Referral Program

Installation: 1,000+

Get the plugin: Coupon Referral Program

The Coupon Referral Program plugin grants customers the opportunity to perform different referral activities to earn discounts.  One can customize the referral buttons, limit the number of times someone can redeem a coupon, create a dedicated referral tab on the online store, and add a shortcode of a coupon to display it on any page they want. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The plugin is free to download and the service charge is $49 (Rs. 4000); billed annually. 

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#2 Smart Coupons

Installation: 20,000+

Get the plugin: Smart Coupons 

Smart Coupons is suitable for creating a diverse range of coupons, such as BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One), first-time buyers, signup, bulk discounts, etc. Smart Coupons allows eCommerce businesses to create gift vouchers of any amount and generate shortcodes for coupons to share them conveniently. eCommerce businesses can impose restrictions on the coupons, such as based on location, billing address, and pin code. The plugin is free to download and the service charge is $99.00 annually (Rs. 8083). 

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Wrapping Up 

Improving the functionalities of WooCommerce stores has become easy, thanks to the plenitude of plugins. That being said, choose plugins meticulously to make the best out of your WooCommerce experience. 

Note– Too many plugins can result in a slow website loading time. 

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