If you are looking to increase your earnings without taking extra shifts, affiliate marketing can be a great skill to acquire. All you have to do is promote products online (most affiliate marketers promote them on blogs they own) and earn a commission for every sale you generate.

It’s easy, sustainable, and encourages remote working—precisely why it’s become quite popular in the last decade not only for income-seeking individuals but also for businesses. So, if you are someone who is making up their mind to try it out, we are here to help you out. 

The best affiliate marketing tools in 2024

  • Razorpay Affiliate Program 

Razorpay is now one of the most popular payment gateway service providers in India. At Razorpay, we understand the importance of a safe payment and transaction structure, which is why we work every day to make transactions safe and seamless for your business. 

We have recently launched the Razorpay Partner Program for bloggers to help them monetize their blog and maintain a safe transactional environment in the process. Almost anyone who thinks they can help us in our initiative can join in. All you have to do is sign up for free, choose your partner plan, refer our payment gateway to your clients, and earn commission on a per-client basis.

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Many businesses have partnered up with this program recently and this initiative is highly beneficial for freelancers who get commissions from the same after referring others to this program. 

  •  Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is the world’s leading web hosting service provider. Web hosting services allow individuals and businesses to introduce their blogs and websites on the internet. Although web hosting can be tricky for someone who is not technologically backed, Bluehost’s services aim to make it easier for its users at dirt-cheap prices.  

As of late, they introduced their affiliation program. All you have to do to start is head to their website, sign up, and you’d be ready in no time to promote their services on your blogs and earn commission in the process. For every successful sign-up you invite, you get an INR 5,000 commission. 

  • GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy is another big web hosting name in the market. It was founded in 1997 and as of late it has over 70 million registered domains. Not only is it a reliable name in the web hosting industry, but it has one of the highest-paying affiliating marketing tools in India.

If you are willing to join in, all you have to do is sign up, choose a product you want to sell on your blog, and get started. In addition to that, GoDaddy also offers customization features for banner advertisements, to match it with the theme of your blogs. All of this at no cost, making it one of the best free affiliate marketing tools for you if you are just starting your affiliate marketing journey.  

  • Google Analytics 

Google Analytics might not have an affiliate program of its own, but it can help to make affiliate marketing easy for you. With this top affiliate marketing software, you can keep track of your website traffic, daily visits, and click rates. 

Not only that, but you can also view other in-depth details such as the location of user visits to your website, the kind of device they are using, age groups, and most importantly popular pages and website loading time, to name a few.

  • VCommission 

vCommission is another name of the value in the Indian market as of late. It was conceptualized in 2008 and as of now, with over 100k+ affiliates, it is foreseeing global exposure and growth. vCommission is a go-to option for those who are looking for homegrown Indian affiliation programs with a focus on Indian audiences. 

The company in the past has partnered with high-end clients, such as Asian Paints, Amazon, AliExpress, and HDFC Bank, and is actively seeking affiliate marketers to get on board with them. The procedure is just the same, you have to sign up, choose your product, and generate sales through your blogs or social media channels to earn a commission.  

  • WordPress

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is a name that can never go unheard of. It’s the world’s largest content management system that allows users to build their websites without any technical knowledge and skill set.

Bloggers around the world use it for their personal and professional endeavors. It’s one of the most used free affiliate tools, providing several free plugins for a better and hassle-free user experience. 

  • SEMrush

If you want to run a successful blog, then you cannot afford to skip search engine optimization (SEO). Although it’s not so complicated, it can be at times, and this is where SEMrush comes in handy to make SEO easy for you.

SEMrush aims to help marketers with content marketing, keyword research, and page visibility, to name a few. It is to be noted that SEMrush is not free software. However, it does offer a trial version to its new users.    

  • KW Finder 

Keywords are the backbones of SEO. That’s why it is imperative to find relevant, and popular keywords for better optimization. This is where KWFinder can help you by finding the top keywords in your niche.  

  • Canva 

Until now, Canva has been a god-sent for bloggers. However now, with the rise of Instagram, Canva has only grown to become a familiar name for businesses, influencers, designers, who nowadays use Canva to make their posts. 

The application and software come with varied templates you can use to create any type of post, be it your Instagram story, Blogspot image, magazine, or posters. However, it is to be noted that it is not entirely free. You might get some templates for free, but others come under their premium package. 

  • Getresponse 

Marketing comes in various shapes and forms and one of them is email marketing. This form of marketing has only grown in the last decade. Its relevance lies in the significance of maintaining a connection with the customers to keep them updated with the trends, new launches to generate repeated sales. 

Getresponse is another affiliate marketing software to make email marketing easier. It has tonnes of unique and efficient features such as website building and an automated mailing system to help affiliate marketing bloggers. 


That would be it. Now you have all the tools you need to do affiliate marketing. It’s the most comfortable and financially promising profession and side-hustle these days. Just make sure you provide informative, relevant, and user-centric content to your readers; use all the right tools (that we listed above), and you’ll be good to go! 

Much to your benefit, if you are thinking of enrolling in an affiliation program, you can pick many that offer different services at the same time for the same blog. For instance, you can refer to GoDaddy for web hosting, RazorPay for Payments, and vCommission for products, to combine your income in just one blog post.

FAQs on Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

How to choose affiliate marketing tool?

Some factors to consider when choosing an affiliate marketing tool include its features, functionality, and ease of use.

What are spy tools in affiliate marketing?

Spy tools are software programs that allow affiliate marketers to track the activities of their competitors.

Do you need a website for affiliate marketing?

The need for a website will depend on the affiliate marketing program you choose to participate in.


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