Change is all around us. And whether it is forced or embraced, it is the only mandate that any business needs to follow if they intend to keep growing. One of the biggest changes we have witnessed in recent times, is the world shifting to an online-first model, which has only been further accelerated due to the consequences of the ongoing pandemic.

Whatever may be the case for the big shift to take place, it is here to stay. And businesses and consumers alike need to embrace this evolution so they can align themselves to a natural trajectory of growth and evolution.  

For small businesses, especially, the thought of pivoting to a digital one might seem like a gargantuan task – one which requires a huge investment in terms of resources, manpower, time, and money. We put together a comprehensive guide to lay to rest the myths and misconceptions that surround it, and provide you with a step-by-step process to taking your offline business online.

In this ebook, you will gain insights on: 

  • Every step to follow to successfully pivot to an online business – right from establishing your digital presence and hiring new teams to planning your marketing and positioning and setting up digital payments 
  • The tools and platforms that will come in handy to automate and track each and every aspect of your online business, such as customer relationship management, social media management, web analytics and much more 
  • The challenges you might face along the way and how you can plan to overcome them to complete the transition smoothly  

By following the detailed steps and actionable checklists outlined in the ebook, along with improvising solutions to a few unique problems that might be specifically relevant to your business, you will be on the path to unlocking growth in the digital world. 


A wordsmith at heart, Shubhi is a Content Marketer at Razorpay. When not at work, you'll find her planning her next vacation, putting her amateur culinary skills to use, or binging on a sitcom.

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