Choosing the right payment gateway for your e-commerce website is that one most important aspect that contributes to the success of your business. The better the payment gateway, the more secure are the online transactions that your customers experience. And, the more secure your platform is, the more customers you get. 

This chain of events is quite simple, but has a huge impact.  

Choosing the right PG can be quite a task. To help you out, we have come up with a comprehensive list of points you need to keep in mind while picking your payment gateway.

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Are they PCI level 1 compliant?

The level 1 compliance is for a platform that targets more than 6 million transactions in a year. If you are targeting a huge audience, it is highly necessary that your website complies with the protocols of PCI level 1. 

When you undertake such level of compliance, the best thing to do is to get your system checked for quality every year by an expert Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). It involves a series of tests that improves the security of your e-commerce website.

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Do they use HTTPS? (Data encryption)

Data encryption is one of the most basic things you need to keep in mind while selecting a payment gateway. All the data entered and the transactions made should be done on HTTPS pages. 

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Do they protect sensitive data?

You should only select a PG that follows the protocols of PCI DSS, ensuring that no sensitive data of your customers is under threat. 

Do they identify and prevent fraud?

The safest way to detect fraud is by having a CVV password that matches your online transaction. If your payment has elements of fraud, they do not match the CVV and this stops the transaction. Find a payment gateway that follows this basic step to secure your payments. 

Do they provide quick support in case of fraud?

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while selecting the right PG is whether they have a good response team or not. If, for any reason, your transaction portal stalls, the technical team at the payment gateway should be able to back you up and help you with immediate effect. 

Can you choose between setup charges and transaction charges?

You need to choose a payment gateway that does not charge you too much for the setup if you are still a small company. However, they can charge you more on the transaction front. You should make this decision based on the expected traffic on your website. 

Does the payment gateway ask for too much information?

Make sure that your PG does not ask too much information. If that is the case, your customer might not feel secure about sharing information. Some payment gateways ask the user to create an account on their portal. Such steps can make your customer not want to proceed to the next step. 

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Does the Payment Gateway support your CMS?

This is of absolute importance. You need to ensure that the payment gateway you choose is compatible with your CMS (Content Management System). If not, then your e-commerce website won’t work the way it should. 

Will you have transactions from different countries?

Make sure that you get a payment gateway that supports payments from different currencies. You should be able to provide multiple transactions on one go to different countries without any hiccups.

Avail the services of a trusted payment gateway

Considering the fact that you are targeting millions of people from different countries, make sure that you use a payment gateway portal that has a good enough reputation so that your customers will not doubt the transactions. 

Apart from these points, you also need to choose between an integrated PG and a hosted payment gateway. Both have their own pros and cons but since the need of the hour is security and safety protocol compliances, the better option would be to go for a hosted payment gateway. 

A reputed PG adheres to the PCI protocols at all costs and also provides you credibility. However, if you do not prefer another layer of steps involved in the payment, then you should go for an integrated payment gateway. 

After considering all the points listed here, you should have an idea about a payment gateway that matches your thought process. Select the one that comes closest to your needs and then improvise if you feel it isn’t the right one for you.   


Harshitha is a marketer at the future-forward RazorpayX. She has an insatiable love for travel and culture, rock music, and the work of Neil Gaiman.

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