With almost 50 percent share in India’s ecommerce market and more than 80 product categories, Flipkart Marketplace can be the platform for Individual businesses to sell online. 

Selling on Flipkart can be very easy for Individual businesses. Individuals can sell their products online, get proper training and workshops, including seller support by Flipkart. 

Why should Individual businesses sell on Flipkart?

Did you know that one in every five visitors on Flipkart make a purchase? If you buy facts and numbers, there’s plenty to talk about, but today we will discuss how selling on Flipkart would benefit Individual businesses.  

Social distancing is here to stay, it isn’t going anywhere soon, and people will be dependent on service providers who would cater to their demands (Necessity or luxury). 

If you look around, a very few mom-and-pop stores are open and depend on service providers like Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato’s delivery platforms. But you aren’t one of them! You can be anyone from a homepreneur to a custom garment seller selling on Flipkart will help you reach a broad audience.

  • Kickstart with one product and two documents 
  • Widen your reach to one billion customer base
  • Receive orders from every part of the country
  • Easy pick-up and delivery across India with Ekart
  • Get your payments in seven days of sales

Individual businesses can avail Flipkart’s third-party ecommerce service to get logistics, cataloguing support, product photo shoot and packaging materials. 

The seller protection scheme will safeguard sellers, and Individual businesses will be compensated from losses. 

Sellers or Individual businesses can ensure faster delivery of their products and quality check under Flipkart Fulfillment services.

What is self-ship fulfilment on Flipkart?

The self-ship fulfilment allows Individual businesses or sellers the capability to package, ship, deliver and manage returns by the seller. 

Sellers can also hire third-party service providers to manage the same, and ensure Flipkart’s code of conduct of the self-ship fulfilment policy is followed. 

With complete autonomy, sellers are also responsible for timely product delivery, service or installation within committed timelines. 

Beware, sellers can be blacklisted if the delivery breach rate exceeds more than 1.5 percent, and can be charged a five percent penalty of the product value in case of cancellation.

What is Flipkart Fulfillment? 

 Flipkart Fulfilment is a program that offers fulfilment centres at feasible rates. Under this scheme, sellers can get seamless order processing, strict quality checks, best packaging, dedicated inventory across fulfilment centres and a Flipkart assured badge. 

To get the Flipkart assured badge, a seller must have return below the benchmark, should have smart or Flipkart fulfilment and a higher rating product.

How Individual businesses can sign up as a seller on Flipkart?

Follow these steps to become a seller: 

  1. Enter your mobile number and email id to sign up on seller.flipkart.com
  2. Verify your number with the OTP
  3. Check your pin code
  4. Mandatory documents: GSTIN and sample signatures of the seller
  5. Cancelled cheque with bank details 
  6. Verify your bank details (Flipkart will send a token amount to your account) 
  7. List your product

And your account is set!

How can Individual businesses get their GSTIN (Identification number)? 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit www.gst.gov.in/ 
  2. Create your username and password using your provisional ID (The state government’s commercial tax department issues temporary ID)
  3. Login to the portal using your new details
  4. Fill out the enrollment form
  5. Verify the auto-populated details
  6. Sign your enrollment application via e-signature
  7. Submit your enrollment application with other documents
  8. If the details are satisfactory, then you will receive an Application Reference Number, and the ID status will be set to migrate
  9. The provisional ID will become active on the date of appointment

That’s all!

To find out how much GST you must pay for your goods or services, simply use an online GST calculator.

How to update GSTIN in Flipkart Seller Dashboard?

A valid GSTIN is very important for doing business on Flipkart (Not mandatory for booksellers).

  • First, login 
  • Go to the ‘listings’ tab 
  • Click the button ‘manage profile’
  • Then click on the ‘View’ button 
  • Press the ‘edit’ tab 
  • And Update your GSTIN 
  • Press save 

But if you are updating your details for the first time on your Flipkart profile, here what you need to do:

  • Log in and select business details
  • Click view details
  • Scroll to GSTIN info 
  • Enter information and save

What would it cost for Individual businesses? 

Well, Flipkart provides very competitive pricing for sellers and Individual businesses can claim the benefits if they register and decide to sell on Flipkart. 

Here’s Flipkart’s fee structure:

  1. Commission fee – Percentage of order item value (depends on category)
  2. Shipping fee – depends on product weight and shipping location
  3. Collection fee – Cash collection or payment gateway charges for every sale
  4. Fixed fee – Flipkart charges a small fee on all transactions 

Remember, the marketplace fee can vary for each product and selling commission also depends on product categories.


Not so long ago, ecommerce was hailed for convenience, but today it caters to the necessities of cities affected by the pandemic. 

“We see that world over, e-commerce, powered by technology, has played a key role as a partner with the public authorities and has been the lifeblood for cities under shutdown to fight Covid-19,” Flipkart spokesperson.

The growth of India’s ecommerce has propelled due to the spread of COVID-19, social distancing and lockdown. People are willing to pay for services to stay safe. 

Large cities often contribute to the growth of ecommerce, but today small towns are checking their priorities too.


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