When you think about future predictions even today, you mostly think about data & numbers. And about assumptions. Rarely about behaviour. Yet, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, it has become harder to predict anything accurately, even a year ahead. And the visceral changes we are seeing around us are the ones that are being driven by long-term changes in our behaviour.

We looked at our Razorpay data, spoke to our merchants on the consumer behaviours they saw, and analysed how our MSMEs grew post-pandemic. Through this data report, we share with you some key insights that can help you plan your business growth strategies in the ongoing pandemic.

In this data report you will learn:

  • How MSMEs in India grew in the last 15 months (post-pandemic)?
  • Strategies adopted by MSMEs to cope with the changing consumer behaviour
  • Digital adoption trends among MSMEs & how that reflected on digital payments

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