E-commerce order tracking is one of the main reasons why customers and potential buyers visit your site, with the expectation of getting real-time updates about their online purchases. Users of your site want to ensure that through order tracking, everything is in place for its delivery without any problems. 

E-commerce order tracking, along with order histories, invoices, receipts, the ability to edit orders, etc are the primary elements that you can offer to provide an excellent check-out experience for your potential buyers.

In our previous article on Brand Loyalty, we emphasized why the customer experience is among the primary focus points for e-commerce businesses. If the customer’s experience with your product is good, the probability of achieving recurring purchases from the same customer increases. As e-commerce continues to thrive in the retail landscape, businesses providing online tracking are among the main factors for the industry’s success. 

Talking about the customer’s experience, letting the individual track his/her order from the confirmation of the order to its delivery is an effective way to retain and enhance their shopping experience. 

Taking the example of hyperlocal delivery services such as Swiggy or Zomato, as soon as we order our delicious food, we anxiously wait for the order to get confirmed, a delivery partner to get assigned, linger on the updates about the delivery executive’s status, and wait again for the food to arrive unless some problem arises in transit. All the anxious emotions we face till the food arrives come through the ability to get real-time updates about our food using order tracking. 

Before we dive into the article on why order tracking in e-commerce is a must, let’s have a look at some of the facts that might seem surprising:

  • 73% of shoppers feel like delivery of the package is the primary factor of their overall shopping experience
  • Customers look up to the status of their orders at an average of 3.5 times per order
  • 38% of online shoppers abandon carts because of late delivery of products
  • 94% of retailers blame retailers for poor delivery 

What is order tracking in e-commerce?

Order tracking is an essential part of shopping that allows customers to monitor their orders and shipments and keeps them informed about any change in the status of the order. The primary features of any order tracking include aspects such as delivery dates, any updates in order status, and shipment tracking, to name a few. 

With order tracking, customers can follow whether the product in question has been shipped and can keep track of the timing of its arrival so that they can ensure to be in attendance during delivery of the same. 

Order tracking is an efficient way to let your customers know that your business is very reliable, and reduces the number of complaints and queries received about the order’s status as well. These two are very important for improving customer satisfaction and experience. 

Shoppers have become accustomed to having high visibility about what they are buying and are expected to be informed about any status regarding what they are buying. So, having an order tracking system is essential in keeping up with the competition and staying afloat in this competitive environment. 

By providing up-to-date information about the status of their customers, their expectations are met/exceeded, and a sense of trust & reliability arises that is vital for your business’s growth and reputation.

Why is order tracking is a must?

From a seller’s view:

  • Saves you time and money in taking up all queries related to the status of orders and shipments 
  • Keeps you comprehensively updated about the status of all your  orders
  • Helps in increasing customer satisfaction and expectation
  • Enhances your customer’s trust 
  • Helps in increasing your purchasing frequency
  • You can have more control over your inventory and fulfillment

From a buyer’s view:

  • Helps the customer monitor and keep track of their orders
  • Assures the buyer that their order will be delivered and lets them know about any misinformation
  • They don’t have to waste time and resources in calling  customer support regarding the status of their order
  • Facilitates a paperless environment for the ecosystem

The features of order tracking

The reliance on order tracking has been increasing due to the ability to customize the features according to the needs of business owners. Let’s have a look at some of the main features of order tracking below. 

  • Updated delivery status
  • Updates and reminders 
  • Proof of delivery
  • Vehicle specifications and vehicle tracking
  • Specifications about delivery staff
  • Health monitoring updates about all parties involved- chefs, warehouse workers, delivery partners, etc.

Order tracking and delivery made easy with Thirdwatch

Order tracking plays an important part in customer satisfaction & retention and can bring down the anxiety of customers regarding their orders. Providing customers with timely updates reduces the rate of cancellations and returns too. 

As the e-commerce space is rising due to the demand for online retail, the rate of return to origin orders and incomplete orders is rising. That’s why we at Razorpay Thirdwatch, have come up with a few ways in which we can assist you in your order and delivery needs, and ultimately help upscale your e-commerce business. 

With Razorpay Thirdwatch, you can identify complete and incomplete addresses, flag and identify risky orders based on various data points collected, get RTO insights, get information about reasons behind your RTO orders, and so much more!

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Through Thirdwatch’s intelligent automation, the order gets confirmed only after the AI processes the shipment, and you can set parameters based on the requirements of your business. Automate order confirmations and payment links to optimize and reduce costs incurred through your e-commerce business.  

With the revolutionary PrePay CoD feature, you can convert risky orders into prepaid by sending payment links to your customers! You can automate payment links in Hindi to make the overall payment experience far more convenient for your customers. 

Introducing Address Correction on Thirdwatch 

India has a vast area of 35 States and Union Territories, around 6,000 towns, and more than 30,000 postcodes. As the country has such big demography, many e-commerce businesses face issues due to incomplete and wrong addresses during check-out. 

Inaccurate data in addresses amount to huge RTO losses and sellers face a hard time in keeping track of which order to fulfill due to the prospect of cancellations and returns. 

We are ecstatic to announce the latest addition to our Thirdwatch AI suite- Address Correction! With this feature, you don’t have to worry about incomplete addresses and the hassles caused due to the same. 

This feature identifies risky shipping addresses for your business and helps you reduce return rates and increase your deliverability and success rates throughout your business. Thirdwatch’s AI gets better with time and provides you with detailed insights about non-deliverable addresses to give you a deeper understanding of your order tracking and delivery. 


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