The conversion rate of a business website simply means the measure of user traffic that prefers availing a service or product from your website, thereby converting into a business asset for the company. 

It is a direct indication of how your website is performing and what changes need to be brought in to gain higher conversion rates. A low conversion rate implies that the audience is not favoring your website and also represents inconsistency and difficulty in accessing the website. 

Here are 10 simple ways to gain higher conversion rates for your business website:

Gathering higher customer confidence in your products

The first and most obvious thing that customers get attracted to in your website are the products on display, products they are interested in and products they intend to buy. If you’re able to catch their attention and gain their confidence in the way you portray products on your website, then you can definitely seek a very high conversion rate. 

Some of the plus points that should help you achieve this are: providing product guarantee, adding testimonials of products and product reviews from customers who have already used the product. All these points work in favor of your website, ensuring the customer of reliability before he chooses to attempt a business transaction with you and at your end; you get positive conversion rates, thereby improving your ranking on Google e-commerce SEO. 

Being open to a variety of payment options for end users

Customers love to see variety. Be it products, price ranges, colors, types or payment options, they love to choose from a set. Nowadays, with multiple payment options being the best thing on offer at every other place, you shouldn’t lag behind! 

Be open to providing as many options as you think will help customers ease the payment process for them. Also ensure the payment transaction goes smoothly till the end and you generate an acknowledgement for the same positively. 

Organizing and structuring appropriate content

Content organization, segregation, aggregation and modulation are important core aspects in building a long lasting impact on the customer. If you’re offering content that is at par with every other website you come across, there’s nothing new there. 

Try creating content that caters to what the user is looking out for. Use strong keywords by analyzing user generated content, thereby keeping the customer in the most important place that he thinks he should be in. 

Use redirection and backlinking

Most websites contain ads that will generate good conversion rates, but redirecting the click on an ad to the appropriate landing page will make all the difference. It’s good to push the customer a bit into the ad before you redirect him back into your homepage. 

Select options that will not send him away from the ambit of doing business, yet give him different things at one place on your website. These multiple options create a positive conversion rate for your website. 

Aiming for a great customer presence. 

Be sure to use catchy titles for products on your website. Use broad and defining titles that will reduce customer search and give them more options to choose from. Traffic on your website increases if you list out products category wise, sub category wise, pull in template ideas and the like. So much so that visual appeal usually is the first parameter that pulls traffic. 

Be it showcasing the product through different angles, videos on product usage, high quality pictures etc, visual representation surely creates a long lasting impact on the customer and he is surely going to return to your website many more times. 

Doing away with registration woes

Be reasonable with your customers! A greater percentage of the traffic in your website may be new and first time customers wanting to buy a product from your website. Do not rush them into registration formalities, wanting so many personal details and form filling activities that they choose to exit the portal itself. 

Be wise to generate a one-time password and request for minimal details that you think are necessary to carry out the transaction fruitfully. This way the customer doesn’t feel offended by letting out too many personal details and saves high on time and does business with ease. 

Creating content that is both creative and appealing.

Indulge in creative ideas. Content is no doubt king and decides how you will fare as an entity in the online world. As much as content presentation and organization, putting the appropriate content at the appropriate places is also equally important. 

Remember that there are multiple places where your product may need listing and as far as possible, stick to your own product descriptions and not borrow manufacture lent content to ease the process. The better the description you give, the higher are the chances of customer satisfaction and more is the conversion rate for your website. 

Catering to a range of age groups with relevant content

With content, we not only mean meaningful and useful content, we also need to be cautious about being able to cater to different audiences. Selective content presentation is the key. 

If your products are catering to teenagers, then your visual appeal and content, graphics and content volume should be different from those reaching out to adult only products. Teenagers may generally lack the interest to read a whole lot of content information before making buying choices. This way you will be able to set up a wide customer base for your business.

Live chat policies

Help your customer to make the right choices instantly. It may seem to you that you’ve uploaded sufficient content related to your products. Yet, customers may have small queries, which when answered instantly through live chats will give the website an edge over the others. 

Customers would definitely get more impressed when their needs are given importance to. 

Strong customer support team. 

A back-end customer support team that is available to handle customer queries and fix issues at good speeds will let you be high on ranking, which can lead to good conversion rates for your website. 

A customer will help your website achieve higher conversion rates if he or she is impressed with the way business is performed on your website. Speed, accuracy, proactiveness and diligence are quintessential elements that will give you high conversion rates for your business website.  

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