Working Capital Loans

Check the process to avail a customised Working Capital loan from Razorpay and have funds disbursed to your account.

Razorpay offers a customised working capital loan for small and medium businesses to meet their working capital needs. To avail access to Working Capital Loans, you are required to complete the Business Loan Application process, which involves a complete set of actions and services under the Loan Origination System (LOS).

LOS is a newly built, powerful self-assisted model of loan processing for digital onboarding of merchants looking for access to credit. It supports multiple credit products without significant changes to the customer journey/data collection process.

Business Loan Application process is designed to provide a seamless experience while applying for loans, tracking disbursal amounts, as well as tracking collections.

Complete your loan application process in just four simple steps, as shown below:

  1. Check eligibility.
  2. Apply for the loan.
  3. Wait for the application evaluation.
  4. Understand and sign the Agreement.

And finally, you can use the loan amount.

Razorpay Capital Application Process

  • You can get loans from top NBFCs at affordable rates without collateral.
  • We give consideration to your excellent history on Razorpay Payment Gateway.
  • You have the flexibility to repay automatically as a percentage of your settlements.
  • Online application with quick processing and disbursal.

As an existing Razorpay merchant, you will receive an invitation for Loan/

on the basis of internal Transaction Data. You may hereby choose to accept and initiate the Business Loan Application process.

Start Capital Loan Application Process

Following are the detailed steps to complete the loan application process and get funds disbursed to your account.

  1. Log in to the

    with your credentials.

  2. On the left panel, browse to the Loans tab. Navigate to Check your loan eligibility and click Start your application button section to initiate the Business Loan Application process.

    Start Business Loan Application Process
  3. In the Business Info section, apart from the pre-filled basic details, you must select appropriate loan requirement details, such as Monthly Business Value, Expected Loan Amount, Tenure and Purpose. Click Save & Next.

    Confirm Business Details and needs
  4. On the Promoter Info section, you must provide the Authorized Signatory's details. This information is verified with central PAN database and is used to pull the credit report on your behalf. Read through the Terms and Conditions and click Save & Next.

    Watch Out!

    The phone number you enter here must be the same as the phone number linked to your PAN.

    Enter and confirm Individual Details
  5. Click Modify (in the right panel) to modify the offer details.

We need your credit score to make a loan offer. We use your phone number and PAN to fetch your credit score.

  1. On the Credit Report section, enter the OTP sent your phone number and click Submit OTP. This authorizes us to view your credit score.

    OTP Verification for Credit Report retrieval
  2. You can view your full credit report onscreen. We also send this report to the email address you have provided, as shown. Based on your credit history, we send you the loan offer status, that is:

    • Eligible for the loan: The loan offer is approved. Click Continue.
    Loan Approved
    • Not eligible for the loan: The loan offer is rejected.
    Loan Rejected
    • Information Mismatch: There is a mismatch between the information provided and the information in the central PAN database. Click Try Again, which navigates you to the Check your loan Eligibility section. Click Continue applying and update the information so it matches data in the central PAN database.
    Information mismatch

As part of the KYC verification process, you must submit documents including Address Proof, Business Proof and Bank Statements to Razorpay via the Documents Upload section.

Handy Tips

The KYC documents submission will depend on the business type such as Private Limited, Proprietorship, Partnership, Individuals, Public, LLP or Trusts, Societies & NGO.

  • On the Address Proof tab, upload PDF copies of business documents such as Authorized Signatory's Address Proof and Business Owner PAN.
  • On the Business Proof tab, upload PDF copies of business documents such as Business Registration Proof and Business PAN.
  • On the Bank Statement tab, upload PDF copy of your last 6 months' Bank Account statement for us to evaluate your business transactions.

Once you upload the required documents, click Next.

Upload required Documents in the three required tabs.

Razorpay starts the review process to evaluate the loan offer.

Once your loan is approved, you can see the actual approved loan amount that gets disbursed to your account in the Loan Offer section. You can also see the charges that apply.

Click Next if you agree with the sanctioned amount and charges.

Loan Offer

We generate and upload the loan agreement on the Loan Agreement tab. The loan agreement is also sent to you via email for you to sign.

Once the agreement is ready, click Sign Loan Agreement to e-sign the legal agreements and then click Next.

Loan Agreement

Once you have agreed to the final loan amount and the agreement is signed, a pre-filled NACH form is generated on the Submit NACH form section. You receive an email and SMS with the link to the pre-filled NACH form.

Click the link, download, print and sign the NACH form. Use the same link to upload the signed form as a PDF file and click Submit.

Download NACH Form

The details on the uploaded NACH form will be verified and you are updated via email about the same.

Upload NACH Form and click Submit

Once the NACH form is submitted, you must select a slot (date and time) and schedule an appointment for the document collection to be done. Click Next.

Select Slot for Document Collection

A representative will be sent to collect your documents, including Proof of Address Individual, Business KYC, NACH, PDC and Loan Agreement. The collated documents are then sent to the lender for validation for a final loan approval followed by loan amount disbursal.

Summary of the List of Documents being collected

This is mandatory. At this stage, the lender will verify the documents and approve/reject the loan. In either case, you receive a call for a final confirmation about the disbursement of the loan amount. This process can take around 1-2 days.

Documents under review

On a successful authorization, your loan offer will be approved.

Loan Approved

The lender will disburse the net disbursal amount to your bank account and notify us about the same so we can start tracking the collections.

Fund Disbursed

A working capital loan is a short term business loan, typically for 3 to 12 months, that can be used for day-to-day operations, purchasing inventory, paying salaries, rent or vendors, maintaining essential services and so on.

To apply for a working capital loan with Razorpay, log in to your

, navigate to Loans and apply for a loan. All you need to do is upload a few documents. We send you an offer within 3 working days from the time of application.

The interest rates start at 1.25% per month.

Razorpay helps you pay your loans in installments of daily, weekly or monthly amounts according to your convenience. You can pay them automatically as a percentage of your settlements.

One way to improve your CIBIL (credit score) score is to pay your EMIs on time. Razorpay Capital can help you improve your credit score by getting loans that you can pay back on time automatically.

No, your credit score is not affected if you generate a credit report.

Yes, as we need the last 6 months’ bank statement (till date) for processing your loan application.

Reach out to

, if you have not received the loan amount after approval.

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