Reversals and Settlements - Linked Account Dashboard

View Reversals and Settlements made form the Linked Account Dashboard.

The Linked Account users can view the reversals and settlements from the Linked Account Dashboard.

View Reversals🔗

Reversal is the process of moving the transferred funds from the Linked Account to your account. You (not Sellers)can initiate the reversals.

To view reversals:

  1. Log into the Linked Account Dashboard.
  2. Click the Reversals from the left pane and then click the relevant Reversal Id.

The following details are displayed:

  • Amount - The amount refunded to the customer.
  • Initiated By - Name of the Link Account holder.
  • Customer Refund ID - Refund ID of the customer.
  • Created At - Date and time at which the refund is initiated.
  • Source ID - Transfer ID of the refund.

Click the Source ID to view details such as Parent Account name, the amount refunded, type of reversal (Full or Partial) and settlement type.

View Settlements🔗

All the payments that are settled to the Linked Account can be viewed under settlements.

To view settlements:

  1. Log into the Linked Account Dashboard
  2. Click the Settlements from the left pane and then click the relevant Settlement Id.