3. Go Live Checklist

Check the go-live checklist for Razorpay Payment Gateway WooCommerce integration.

You can perform an end-to-end simulation of funds flow in the Test Mode. Once confident that the integration is working as expected, switch to the Live Mode and start accepting payments from customers. However, make sure that you swap the Test API Key with the Live Key. To generate API Key in Live Mode:

  1. Log into the Razorpay Dashboard and switch to Live Mode on the menu.

  2. Navigate to API Keys and Plugins and click Download Keys.

  3. Save the API keys securely. To re-generate the keys, click Get New Key.

  4. Replace the Test API Key with the Live Key in your website. You can either download them and later add them manually to your website or click Connect to immediately open the website and copy-paste the keys.

You can now start accepting payments from your customers.