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Payment Pages

Razorpay Payment Pages lets you instantly build a fully-customizable page through which your customers can make payments. You can easily create a Payment Page from your Razorpay Dashboard and tie it to your site or app without any development effort required from your end.

You can customize the payment form, apply template, format description text, add media, enable sharing options and perform many other actions.

How it Works#

A Payment Page can be easily created from the Dashboard. The simple and intuitive user interface lets you quickly design a page tailored to suit your needs. On a high-level, the creation of a Payment Page involves the following steps:

  1. Select a template (pre-filled or blank).
  2. Add page details such as page title, description, contact information, and others.
  3. Create a payment detail form where customers enter payment and custom field details.
  4. [Configure page settings] (./operations/#configure-page-settings) such as expiry date, custom URL, and others.
  5. Publish page by sharing the page link with your customers through emails, SMS and social media.

Customers arrive at the Payment Page, learn about event, enter the required details and complete the payment.

The payment flow thereon, takes the usual flow. Learn more about the Razorpay payment flow.

Payment Page States#

In its lifetime, a Payment Page moves through the following states:




Payment Page is published and live


Payment Page goes inactive due to one of the following actions:
- Manual deactivation,
- Page expiry
- Items out-of-stock

Use Cases#

The extensiveness of Payment Pages allows it to be used by all businesses, non-profits and corporate businesses alike. Let us take an example of a company Acme Corp. that wants to sell tickets online for an International Education Exhibition. Acme Corp. can select the Events and Ticket template, fill in the description texts, edit the payment form and set the ticket amount and publish the page.

Customization Options#

Razorpay Payment Pages is built from ground up keeping ease of creation in mind. With various customization options available, it lets you build an end-to-end payments collection system tailored for your business needs.

Editable Payment Form#

The page has an embedded form that you can edit to collect the required payment details from the customer. You can also create new fields types such as:

  • Text
  • Dropdown

Payment Collection Options#

With Payment Pages, you can collect payments from your customers in the following ways:

  • Pre-defined amount: The payment amount is fixed and customers are not allowed to edit the amount field.
  • Customer-defined amount: Customer gets to decide the payment amount.

Learn how to create the payment details form.

Post Payment Actions#

You can decide what happens when a payment is a success or a failure. While creating your page, you can choose to show a custom message or redirect to a specific page after payment is completed.

In-page Payment Button#

Payment Pages lets you design a customized payment button which can be used on your site/app to trigger the payment page.

Learn how to create a payment button.

Personalized URL#

Payment Pages allows you to create a custom URL for the page. A sample custom URL for a payment page is shown below:

Learn how to create a personalized URL.

Rich Text Support#

The description plays an essential role in educating a potential customer about the event details. That is why, we now support rich text that lets your format your description for better presentation. You can also add media such as images and videos in the description to create a more powerful impact on the audience.

Learn how to edit using rich text options.


Templates help you quickly create and publish a Payment Page. Based on the template you select, the page auto-populates appropriate placeholder headings that lets you quickly add content to the page. We have curated the following templates each for a specific payment purpose:

  • Product Sale
  • Events and Tickets
  • Accepting Donations
  • Fees Collection

An Events and Tickets template would have description headers such as:

  • "About the Event"
  • "Venue"
  • "Event Dates"

Learn how to edit using rich text options.

Sharing Options#

The ability to be shared on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, allows Payment Pages to be a versatile solution for all your payment collection requirements. Allowing customers to share this page on social media platforms makes it convenient for you to promote your page.


You can also choose between two themes to customize your page.

  • Light
  • Dark