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title: Razorpay Checkout desc: Enjoy our simple yet hyper-responsive interface!

Razorpay provides a quick and secure way of accepting payments from your customers.The Checkout form provides your customers a streamlined flow for initiating payments. The payment details submitted by the customer are secured and tokenized by Razorpay.

Our Checkout form has a simple yet hyper-responsive interface. The image below is a sample of the default Razorpay Checkout form:

Sample flow#

Different stages in the Checkout flow are demonstrated below:

Try it out#

Test our Checkout by making a payment of @data. Rs 1. You can either use your card or one of our test cards, 4111 1111 1111 1111. Enter a valid email address, a future expiration date and a random three-digit CVV number for testing Razorpay checkout.

Click the Pay with Razorpay button to initiate your payment.

This is a real transaction and the amount debited will be auto-refunded to your account in 5-7 working days.

Integrate Razorpay Checkout#

You can integrate Checkout by including a single line of code in your application or a custom button. The integration is not only quick and reliable but also allows you to take advantage of many features that are added to the Checkout automatically requiring no upgrades from your end.

Explore the different ways of integrating with the Checkout:

  • Integrate our standard Checkout with your web or mobile app
  • Customize the Checkout with your custom buttons and themes

Next Steps#