Referral Bonus

Know how you can earn referral bonus for every referral to RazorpayX.

You can become a Razorpay Partner, refer your customers for RazorpayX Current Accounts and payout solutions, and get rewarded for it in the form of referral bonus.

Let us assume you are Acme Corporation, an ERP solution provider for colleges, and have partnered with Razorpay. You work with various colleges, who use your ERP. Also, you have been using the RazorpayX Banking Solution for managing payouts.

In Razorpay terminology, you are the Partner, the college is the sub-merchant (affiliate account). Acme Corporation gets referral bonus, every time a college (sub-merchant) signs up with us for a RazorpayX Current Account.

Referral Bonus for RazorpayX Current Accounts🔗

Here is how incentives are paid out for Current Accounts referred to us.

Current Accounts per month

Incentive per account

1 - 10


11 - 20


21 - 30


Handy Tips

  • Partner commission shall be payable only after RazorpayX Current account activation.
  • Sub-merchant should complete a minimum of 5 payouts for RazorpayX Current Account.
  • Current Accounts are serviceable in the selected pin code based on bank’s availability.

Watch Out!
In case of X, referral bonus calculation and disbursal happen manually. For any queries, send an email to the Razorpay Partnerships team or contact our Support team.