Setting up an e-commerce website can be a herculean task. But with platforms such as Shopify, it is relatively easy to set up an e-commerce website and provide your customers with a great shopping experience. 

Once your Shopify store is ready, there are a number of payment providers that you can choose from and you want to pick the one that not only offers a lot of options but is also highly secure and understands the needs of your business. 

Shopify has recently launched a new payments platform, which requires payments providers to build new apps that meet a new set of secure guidelines. So, if your Shopify store is integrated with payment apps that do not comply with the new guidelines, you will not be able to collect customer payments after 31st July 2022. But, do not worry! Razorpay has you covered.

On May 1, we launched Razorpay Secure, our new payment app on Shopify which meets all new guidelines and makes payments on Shopify stores more secure than ever. The current Razorpay app on Shopify will be removed by July 31, and you will not be able to collect payments with it. The all-new Razorpay Secure will keep your store running without any issues past July 31. 

How is Razorpay Secure different from Razorpay payment gateway?

The Razorpay Secure app is Razorpay’s payment gateway especially designed for the Shopify platform. It is an improved app to provide a secure, seamless and delightful payments experience on your online store. Upgrading to Razorpay Secure is mandatory before July 31 to make sure payments on your Shopify store are not disrupted. It’s a 2 minute process that can be completed right now. Find the migration steps in this guide.

Worried that you will not be able to accept payments on your store after July 31? Don’t be. You can easily integrate the Razorpay Secure payments app on Shopify with zero coding, a 100% digital process and start accepting payments in a matter of minutes. Follow this integration guide for the step-by-step process.

Benefits of using Razorpay Secure on Shopify:

  1. Widest range of domestic and international payment methods: Accept payments in 100+ payment modes such as UPI, Debit and Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets and Pay Later options. You can collect international payments in 90+ currencies and via an extensive range of payment methods
  2. Superior checkout experience: Get a checkout that is optimised for all devices and screen sizes which makes paying quick, easy and secure for customers. With no redirects and native OTP, retain customer focus on your store. Start and end payments on the same page without redirecting to the bank’s website or UPI mobile app.
  3. Boost conversions with a comprehensive feature set: Get access to more than 11 million saved cards which will enable customers to complete payments quickly and efficiently. You can even customize and run offers for specific banks, card networks, wallets and EMI options to increase conversions and cart value. With trusted badges, instill trust and credibility to reduce drop-offs on checkout.
  4. Powerful payments dashboard: Track payments in real-time and get detailed insights on payments, settlements, refunds to make informed business decisions. 

Razorpay Secure comes to you with the same terms & conditions. Don’t wait till July 31 — go live with Razorpay Secure in a couple of minutes with your existing login credentials for Shopify and Razorpay!

Watch this video to know how: 


Find a detailed guide on migration to Razorpay Secure here.  

You can upgrade to Razorpay Secure on Shopify right away!


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