Customer’s behaviour patterns have changed drastically in the past 10 years. We are at a time where almost every service is available online, in some form and parts. This has made the customer hooked on getting things done right from their favourite corner. Be it their child’s school fee payment, a freelancer’s project payment or an early age service provider startup, the first preference is online payments, always. 

However, setting up a payment gateway might take some time, money and investment of resources. Our latest offering, Razorpay Payment Button is solving exactly for this by being a single button for all your payment needs. 

Let’s take a step back

At Razorpay, we have always been working with a vision of making digital payments simpler for everyone. In all of our products, we look forward to having minimum or no integration. 

It does not matter if you have a website or not, you can use Razorpay to accept payments from anywhere, anytime. Razorpay’s Payment Links and Payment Pages are go-to for anyone who does not have a website or an app running. It enables an individual or a business to accept payments through social media while creating a webstore of their own. 

If, however, you do have a website and want to collect payment without going through the hassle of integrating a payment gateway, a payment button is the way to go. With a single line of a code, you can add an integrated payment gateway on your platform. 

This sounds new, doesn’t it? 

Well, it is! Razorpay Payment Button is our latest offering and a new addition to our product suite.

Introducing Razorpay Payment Button

With Razorpay Payment Button, everyone can accept online payments within one ecosystem, without any redirections. It requires zero coding and design efforts. Click To TweetA business or an individual can simply copy a line of code and paste it wherever they would like to embed it. They can also choose to customize the button as per their requirement. The best part you ask? Well, you can get going within 5 minutes! 

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Types of Razorpay Payment Button

While some people might find this product useful to accept donations, some might use this to sell their merchandise via their blog. Let’s understand the types of Payment Buttons and their respective use cases in detail:

Quick Pay Button

By embedding this type of button, you can offer your customer to make quick payments for a fixed amount by their preferred online method like the card, netbanking, wallet etc. 

Use case of Quick Pay button

There are several place you can use this quick button to collect payment

1. Freelancers

Payment Links is one of the most commonly used products by freelancers because of it’s easy sharing functionalities. However, this brings in a couple of hops. In a general scenario, a freelancer sends a payment link via WhatsApp, Instagram or SMS and the customer pays the required amount via the link. This, at times, increases the chances of purchase abandonment in some cases. 

During our research, we identified the need for an on-page checkout option for freelancers and individual contributors. Basically, this meant a re-directionless experience wherein a customer can make the payment on the same window. With the release of Razorpay Payment Button, freelancers can add multiple 'Quick Pay' buttons on their website and accept payments within the same ecosystem. Click To TweetThis offering aims to solve the following for freelancers and individual contributors:

  • Redirection-less payments within one ecosystem; reducing the chances of drop-offs
  • Enabling international payments for ease of business 
2. Coaches & consultants

There have always been an expert in every field that there is. For example, there are digital marketing consultants, swimming coaches, financial consulatnt etc. A lot of these people operate work as an individual. The major belief is that a huge chunk of their work comes from word-of-mouth. While this stands true for a majority of people, just like any business, having an online presence is important for them too.

While they can get started with a ready-to-use theme for a website, the challenge for them is to offer an end-to-end online experience for their customers. The time and effort to integrate a payment gateway are too much for them. This is where Razorpay payment button can come into the picture. The following challenges can be solved with our latest offering:

  • Effortless & no-coding payment solution at hand
  • Multiple modes of payments + access to international payments

Donate Button

NGOs and similar organisations can use this button with a pre-set amount or can offer their customer to pay the amount of their choice by entering the desired value. 

Use case of Donate button

1. NGOs

NGOs have been the pillars of humanity for a long time now. Be it animal welfare or adoption platforms, a natural disaster relief camp or a human rights awareness channel people from all the directions are seen to be coming for a common cause. 

While some of the NGOs have by now integrated a payment gateway to manage high volumes of transactions. There are thousands of NGOs, specific to geography or a society. Till today, they face challenges to accept funds from a person far away. Razorpay Payment Button can be a bridge in connecting two ends and can bring about a speedy change in the way things operate to-date. Click To TweetThe following are the major solution that can be addressed with this product:

  • International payments with zero coding or design expertise 
  • Set up unlimited payment buttons or offer an option to ‘Pay what you want’
2. Content creators

With an upsurge in the use and availablity of social media, there has been a rise in individual contributors too. Individuals from all age groups are seen creating humourous, knowledgeable or a real-life based content in the form of a video, audio, blog etc. There are times where a brand wants to collaborate with this contributor to accept donation or the individual themselves want to raise funds for a cause.

Since these creators usually have a blog for themselves, the challenge to raise funds can be easily sorted with Razorpay Payment Button. Listed below are the offerings which can be helpful in the scenario:

  • 5-minute solution to add a secure payment options with a pre-designed button template
  • Ability to create unlimited buttons and accept payments 24*7

Buy Now Button

This type of button is suited for event organisers and product or service sellers. You can choose to sell multiple items with varying quantities by embedding this button.

Use case of Buy Now button

1. Edtech

One of the industries that have touched the lives of millions across India is Edtech. Renowned institutions and professors are working on designing a full-fledged online course for their students. This not only saves time and operational costs but also makes education available across the geographies. 

This trend has invited home tutors, school teachers, passion economy supporters etc. to go online because that’s where their audience is. However, unlike big institutions and organisations, not everyone has a website up and running. A lot of people, who have just stepped into the online world are taking help from people around them to create a YouTube account, set up a website or a blog and so on. 

But this just makes them accessible. How can they enable online payments without investing time, money and efforts on a payment gateway integration? That’s where Razorpay Payment Button comes into the picture. It solves exactly for the two challenges faced by people:

  • No technical or design dependency to set this up
  • Easy to add on any section or fold of their website or blog 

They can also choose to run offers on a bundle of courses and offer a mobile-friendly experience to their students. 

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2. Early age startups

There are thousands of problems still unsolved and untouched by the digital world and then there are hundreds of people brainstorming the next big idea to solve them all!

While they pack their solutions with the help of coding or the website builders, one of their highest levels of dilemma occurs when it comes to enabling the payment flow. 

‘Should we integrate a payment gateway in the MVP?’, they think. 

Well, Razorpay Payment Button comes as a rescue for such situations. These budding entrepreneurs can choose to copy and paste a single line of code as per their requirement and get started with the payment flow. With this, they can run an offer, have multiple modes of payments available and customize the layout as per their branding!

This is how Payment Buttons can help early age startups:

  • Customizable designs with efficiency to run an offer 
  • Offer multiple modes of payment to customers

Not just this, even established businesses, who are rolling out and testing new features can use this feature in their MVPs and beta products! 

Custom Button

This is designed for power users with capabilities for different amount types, custom forms etc. 

Use case of Custom button

1. Doctors

We live in a time where we no more have to visit a doctor when we have a temperature running. Doctors have made themselves available online with video consultations. However, a doctor’s life can be called as one of the busiest one. They barely have time to edit their website. With such a situation, accepting online payments stil stands as a challenge.

Often times, doctors want to allow their patients to fill in the total amount they need to pay. This means, they need a highly flexible feature to accept payments. With Razorpay Payment Button, any one (including a doctor) can add a payment option wherever they want within minutes. Following are the reasons why a custom button is made for them:

  • No technical or design dependency to set this up
  • Can add or remove this as per their requirement
2. Anyone

Yes, by anyone we literally mean anyone under the sun! While we mentioned a number of use cases that can be solved with Razorpay Payment Button, the fact is, anyone ranging from a beginner to a maestro can make the best of this.

We say this because Payment Buttons are highly customizable. You can change the format, the template, the color scheme, the text and so on. This essentially means that anyone can choose to use this Button the way they want.

This can be that one door you have been waiting to open, to work on your next-big-idea!

Other use cases of Razorpay Payment Button

  • Event hosting platforms to sell tickets via different mediums
  • E-commerce platforms, marketplace and retail stores to make their services easily accessible 
  • Utility platforms like bill payment & recharge enablers


Razorpay Payment Button gives you the power to offer seamless checkout experience to your customers leading to higher conversion and lesser cart abandonment

The best part is that you can make the best of it, play around and see what works the best for you and get started, all by yourself. In all, this is one man’s job kind-of product! 

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      Hi so I used the payment button and added multiple products to it. Now How do I come to know which customer opted for which product?

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        Hi Sparsh, we would suggest you create multiple payment pages and give them a unique name. Further, you can navigate to Razorpay dashboard and find our detailed reports there.

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