Exploring different methods of recruitment is the key to attracting the best talent. 

Different divisions of even the same business have varied requirements, and job roles demand different skill sets. For instance, if you are an e-commerce business, you’ll require other teams such as customer support, sales, marketing, etc., and you can’t use the same recruitment method to hire for each division.

The practical solution is to use innovative ways of recruitment to find the right candidate. This blog post covers 9 methods of recruitment that you can apply right away to your process. 

9 Methods of recruitment you should try this year

Recruitment methods can be defined by how employers connect with and hire candidates to fill vacancies. Detailed below are the 9 methods of recruitment.

1. Internal Recruitment

Internal job posting is the most effective way to fill job vacancies. The most crucial benefit of this recruitment method is that the employee is already familiar with the work culture. 

It also assures employees that they have good career development prospects, which further helps retain employees.

2. Direct Advertising 

Online career portals, industry-specific publications and job boards are great places to invite applications from promising candidates. It also helps in improving your brand exposure and the company’s reputation.

You should place advertisements very carefully with well-defined roles & job requirements to avoid getting applications from ineligible candidates.

3. Recruitment Agencies or Third Party Recruitment

Companies that don’t have the time or a well-functioning hiring system outsource their hiring process to recruitment agencies. Some companies also engage external recruiting services to contact specific people, such as passive candidates working for rival companies. A crucial benefit of this method is they have access to massive applicant pools. 

4. Internships 

Internship programs are an excellent way to evaluate the strength of candidates and can be described as a working interview. Managers can use it to assess the productivity and interactivity of potential candidates. Hiring interns for job vacancies is one of the most successful methods of recruitment as they are more likely to remain with the company for a longer time frame.

5. Recruitment Events

These events include recruitment drives on campus, job fairs and hackathons and are an efficient way to bring fresh talents within the company’s fold. Companies need to be aware of the type of candidate they seek along with their employee value proposition. In addition, participating in recruitment events enables companies to have their contact details included in the marketing materials of the best educational institutions.

6. Social Media

Gen Z and millennials are most active on social media platforms, so companies should improve their presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is an innovative way to connect with younger talents. Moreover, exploring these unconventional methods of recruitment helps in specialised headhunting of talent. 

7. Talent Pool Database 

Many times, people apply for a job and don’t get hired. These applications are stored in the company database for future reference. Employers can go through their existing application pool database to recruit new candidates.

8. Employee Referrals

It is a combination of external and internal methods of recruitment which encourage current employees to refer people they deem fit for a job vacancy. Benefits include cost-effectiveness and a quick application process. As they participate in the company’s growth, existing employees feel more valued. Employee referrals also effectively improve employee retention rates.

9. Word of Mouth 

Established businesses often use word of mouth as a method of recruitment. As they have the advantage of an established brand, people recognise them as an employer of choice. It helps in keeping unsuitable candidates at bay. Moreover, it is an effective way to attract talent in smaller cities. All they have to do is put the word out and it should give them a good response.

Exploring the above methods of recruitment is an essential step for attracting young and talented candidates. Employers must ensure that the recruitment method is aligned with what they are looking for in a candidate. While the process involves quite a few challenges, employers can optimise it with software like RazorpayX Payroll.

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Why are the methods of recruitment important?

Methods of recruitment are important as they ensure that the employees have the skills necessary for the job role.

Which are the most used methods of recruitment in India?

Direct advertising, hiring through recruitment agencies, internal job posting, and recruitment events are common methods of recruitment in India.


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