Recoveries have always mattered in business. Some of the biggest shifts in market share occur while coming out of an economic disaster or when new industries emerge. However, it’s very rare that there has been a recovery stage amidst a pandemic while putting people’s lives at risk.

But unfortunately, that’s where we are today.

The post-COVID-19 world will accelerate some existing trends and create new ones, and all businesses, whether online or offline will have to evolve in order to grow and thrive. But the fact is that there’s no way as of yet to predict what will happen in the coming months and the forecasts can only help a little. This article talks about what industries, businesses and shops can operate from 25th April in India and what are the rules and regulations they need to follow.

Services & shops that are allowed to run

As per the latest lockdown guidelines circular released by the Home Ministry, all shops in non-hotspot or non-containment areas are allowed to remain open. Listed below is a list of businesses that can operate: 

  1. All shops that are registered under the ‘Shops and Establishment Act’ of the respective state / the union territory, can remain open (except for in non-containment zones) from 25th April 2020 i.e. Saturday.
  2. Shops that are a part of market complexes and residential complexes, which fall outside the limit of municipal corporations and municipalities will also be allowed to stay open
  3. All shops i.e. neighbourhood shops, standalone shops, and shops in residential complexes which fall under the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities are allowed to remain open
  4. All shops which are a part of registered markets outside the municipal corporations and municipalities will be allowed to remain open
  5. All market-places located in rural and semi-rural areas, including shops selling non-essential items, can stay open 
  6. Standalone shops and the shops in residential areas selling non-essential commodities allowed to remain open in urban areas
  7. Ecommerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart are only permitted to continue the supply of essential goods. 

lockdown guidelines

Circular by MHA

Services and shops to stay closed 

  1. Shops and businesses based in multi-brand or single-brand malls (falling both, within and outside limits of municipal corporations and municipalities)
  2. Cinema halls, malls, large shopping complexes, gyms, swimming pools will not be allowed to open
  3. Auditoriums, theatres, bars and pubs, sports establishments will not be allowed to open
  4. All restaurants, salons, barbershops and liquor stores will remain closed, the government clarified today, adding that e-commerce companies can only sell essential items

Conditions for opening the shops after the lockdown

  1. Traders and businessmen opening shops under these relaxations have to compulsorily follow social distancing operating their business
  2. These shops are allowed to operate only with 50% of the registered staff
  3. All staff members will have to compulsorily wear face masks during the operation of business/shop

Please note: The ministry, in its order, has made it clear that these relaxations pertaining to the opening of shops will not be permitted in areas, whether rural or urban, which are declared as containment zones by respective States/ UTs.

The above-mentioned rules are valid until the government announces the next plan of action. We will keep you updated with the latest news. Till then, stay indoors, stay safe!

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