A business email has a web address that includes the name of your company or the brand, which makes it more professional than a regular Gmail or Yahoo email. Not only that, it separates your business messages and talks from your personal messages, which makes it better for you as well. 

To set up your business email, you need to choose a hosting provider, register a new email address and connect it with your clients. To do this you can take help from companies like ZOHO or Bluehost to make things easier for you. 

What is the need of a business email?

Many people work with their personal email ID for all kinds of business purposes, which is not the right way to move forward. You should come across as a responsible professional businessperson. For that you need a business email ID. 

Since it has the name of your company, it not only popularizes your brand’s name but also give you a professional touch. It makes your company accountable for all the mails that go through such email IDs and in turn increases the credibility of your company. 

The following are the major reasons why you should have a business email.

The first step to professionalism

Whenever you start a business profile, the first thing to do is set up a business email to ensure that people take you seriously and show some credibility. Moreover, every employee should have an email account with the same domain to maintain consistency. 

Increase your reach

Believe it or not, when you and your employees start using the official email account, the word gets around as interaction improves. Whenever a customer or a client interacts with your email, your brand name is getting a boost.

Gain the trust of your customer

When a customer receives an email from an official account, he or she believes that they are receiving the information for a trustworthy source, leading to growth in the business. 

How to setup a free business email using ZOHO?

ZOHO is the best service provider for you to create business emails if you already have a business domain and hosting. If not, you can buy a domain from the platform at minimal charges. Not just one, it allows you to set up 25 business emails completely free-of-cost with each account allotted with 5 GB data. We now explain a step-by-step guide to help you setup your business email:

Sign up for a ZOHO mail account

The first thing you need to do is sign up. You start by clicking the Sign Up Now button on the ZOHO mail page. On the next page, navigate through to select the Free Plan, which you can find under all the paid options. You may then add your current domain in the widget before clicking ADD to move on to the next step

Verify your domain

The next step is to verify your domain with ZOHO. The steps involved in the process depend on the host or the provider you have created your domain with. You can select the service provider and ZOHO will help you with these steps. 

Update your email records

Once the setup is done with your domain host, you can go back to the ZOHO website and setup your email account. 

Create your business email address

Now comes the last step where you can finally create an email address for you and your employees. Go to the Zoho Mail Manager and click on ‘Create Account’. Put in the first half of your username you want in the business email address and then click the ‘Create Account’ button. When you need to create further email addresses, you just need to go to the Add Addresses tab and then do the same process. 

As an optional step, you can setup email forwarding to send and receive emails from another account. However, ZOHO does not allow you to setup your account with Gmail or Outlook accounts. You have to operate your accounts using the ZOHO platform itself. 

Now that you have an understanding about the benefits of creating a business account, you should definitely create business email accounts to ensure that your business gets a professional touch which in turn leads to credibility. 

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