Freelancing is considered extremely lucrative for digital nomads, and they are successful only because they have figured out the tricks of the trade.

Start freelancing before you leave your job. Build skills and start small. Gather testimonials, build credibility, determine your pricing, because it all starts here.

Create your portfolio, leverage your network on social media, start microblogging and be the first to voice an opinion related to your work. Make an impression, stay updated on social media, participate in conversations and make sure that you stand out. 

Unfortunately, there’s no substitute for hard work, but you can still excel if you learn the art of networking with people who can help you land paid projects or connect with suitable people.

Unless you are not much of a talker, instead your work is the crowd puller, these are the websites that can help you achieve your goals.

1. Upwork

UpworkUpwork is a web-based platform that connects freelancers to their possible clients. As one of the largest global freelancing websites, Upwork provides the flexibility and freedom to independent professionals.

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Benefits of Upwork

  • Provides reviews and ratings for clients and professionals
  • Chance to land a long term contract 
  • A global platform for interacting with professionals
  • Suitable for web and software developers, design and creative, marketing, data science, analytics, and many more
  • Land more referrals 
  • A standard 3 percent processing fee on payments

2. Fiverr

FiverrFiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. Open to both professional and seasoned freelancers, Fiverr helps them land gigs of their choices.

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Benefits of Fiverr

  • Provides 24/7 customer support 
  • Land better gigs with Fiverr Pro
  • Allows freelancers to boost their profiles 
  • Suitable for digital marketers, music producers, programmers and lifestyle
  • Get a badge to validate your credibility
  • You keep 80 percent of each transaction


Freelancer.comAs one of the largest crowdsourcing and freelancing marketplace, connects millions of employers and freelancers across the world. The platform allows employers to hire freelancers with various specialities like web-developer, software engineers, writers, designers and many more. 

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Benefits of

  • Provides the freedom to choose clients and projects 
  • Flexibility of location 
  • Receive free bids 
  • Live chat with clients
  • Suitable for graphic and logo designers, mobile app, writers and marketers
  • Offers a one-month free trial of the premium plan ‘Plus’
  • Monthly pricing can vary from Rs 62 to 5000

4. Guru

guru.comNope, not coined from that Bollywood flick. Guru is a platform that provides a global user base of freelancers to employers. Clients can choose from a pool of independent freelancer professionals in more than eight categories. 

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Benefits of Guru

  • Check and money order support 
  • Provides time tracker 
  • Work collection visibility 
  • Forge long term partnership with clients 
  • Highlight your projects
  • Suitable for writers, translators, legal, finance and administration
  • Pay lower job fee with premium
  • Monthly pricing can vary from $11 to $50
  • Avail basic plan for free

5. UrbanPro

UrbanProUrbanPro helps students find skilled tutors and institutes that can meet their requirements. The platform boasts of over 1.6 million website footfalls in a month, hence making it the ultimate destination for individuals who want to make a few extra bucks or people who’d want job flexibility and financial freedom. 

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Benefits of UrbanPro

  • Affordable and flexible plans for tutors 
  • Search for students closest to your locations of interest
  • Allows students to write testimonials 
  • Provides worksheet, fee and assessment templates for tutors
  • Suitable for home tutors
  • The platinum plan allows tutors to promote their profile

But if you are an established freelancer who wants more freedom in terms of branding, choosing payments and creating invoices. You might want to explore what we have to offer. Yes, a solution built for freelancers.

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