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Today, customers are finding answers on the world wide web for any question they have. Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever saw this coming a decade ago and they founded the modern question-answer forum: Quora.

With an average user base of about 400 million users a month, Quora is a search engine in itself. And now is the best time to invest your time and effort (and money too!) onto the platform.

  • Indian audience forms a total of about 15 million active users a month 
  • Adults across the globe spend 2x time on Quora than they do on LinkedIn
  • Businesses that use Quora Ads have seen 4x more conversions
  • 63% of Quora visitors come from online searches

If you’re looking to market your business on Quora, this ebook is the only thing you need.

What’s Inside

The basics of  Quora marketing

A step-by-step visual guide by your side from the moment you start signing up to the time you need to measure your ROI. Get quick takeaways and pro-tips throughout to make the best of your efforts. 

Quora for businesses

Since Quora is where digital marketers have started piggy backing, this guide draws an outline for you as you start experimenting with Quora ads. Everything from Quora pixel to tracking the results is simplified. 

The jargons & numbers of Quora

Every social media channel tends to have its own little dictionary and so does Quora. Find out what each of the terms on the platform means. Not just that, let the numbers speak for themselves as you skim through the guide.



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