A lot of people don’t understand how arduous it can be to coax someone to open their wallet for the first time to an unknown website, business or tradesperson. 

Especially in the age of customer reviews and testimonials, which helps them to make a purchase decision, people aren’t taking chances anymore. And today, the most significant part for the success of businesses are testimonials from loyal customers that support your credibility and expertise. 

Also, most compelling remarks don’t come from sales representatives, but genuinely happy customers. 

Importance of customer testimonials 

Using testimonials strategically to promote your business can increase online visibility and strengthen your reputation.  

For instance, when was the last time you bought a gadget or looked over the internet for the next PlayStation to release. Where did it all begin? 

Like every other customer, you hovered over reviews, right? Because reviews are the unadulterated word of mouth from genuine folks, who are happy or pissed with the customer service. 

Most importantly, they are not fluffed up with marketing lingos and senseless jargon, but straight from the mouth of people just like you. 

It’s no rocket science with B2B consumers, and they too go through testimonial videos or reviews by another product user to figure if their investment is going to be worthy. 

To help you further, we have a few tips to get you started. 

  1. Inspire your customers to write reviews about their experiences with your product and support team. Although many excited customers would voluntarily do a review of your product suite, there’s no harm for that extra push. For example: 

Truly designed and built for developers. Integrating Razorpay was a breeze, and we must’ve spent about 30 mins doing it! Unquestionably the only Indian payment gateway truly designed and built for developers. Kailash Nadh, Head of Technology, Zerodha


  1. Use your resources or hire an agency to create customer testimonial videos by asking your clients for a humble endorsement. Because as opposed to written testimonials, videos will tell a story and that can entice your audience in knowing you better.
  2. And, where do businesses generally share the success of their product? It’s either social media or the official website. There are some general misconceptions around the fact that social media doesn’t drive much traffic to B2B websites. Still, LinkedIn and Twitter are a few incredible outlets for collecting customer success story.

  3. Finally, conduct a case study with the approval of your client because they carry more weight than generic marketing content that covers your website. Case studies are more compelling than brochures and ebooks. Why? Because everybody loves stories, and if done right, they invoke the right amount of emotion to make a purchase decision.


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