“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee Odden

The virtual world is growing. Digital platforms are swarming over the internet, and the masses want it all. As exciting it gets for the ‘Netizens’, the harder it becomes for brands to target or find their audience. And the arduous task of creating new content regularly adds up to the woes.

As a marketer, making sense of this rapidly changing arena is to pay attention and make adjustments with impartial insights. It also requires marketers to feel empowered and make decisions faster.  

Here are a few tools that will guide marketers to find real value and enhance creativity.

  1. Moz

Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded Moz in 2004. Moz is one of the prominent SEO tools that use basic and advanced research to improve search engine optimisation.

The platform provides a variety of research tools and tutorials to improve SEO program, all under one umbrella.  


  • Vast selection of tools 
  • Flexible pricing 
  • Very ideal for small businesses 
  • Find traffic driving keyword opportunities and understand the search intent 
  • Provides recommendations to boost rankings 
  • With Moz Pro, track your competition and ranks 
  • Crawls through your website to find and fix technical issues 
  1. Brandwatch 

The name says it all! Brandwatch allows businesses to analyse and utilise conversations across the social web.

The tool is best suited for enterprises who want to make sense of their social media chitchat. It archives capacious social media data from at least 90 million sources and in 27 languages. 


  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Automated reports 
  • Integrated with Crimson Hexagon’s widely-respected machine learning 
  • Analyse billions of conversations with Brandwatch’s social listening 
  • Artificial Intelligence powered consumer insight 
  • Largest influencer database 
  • Flexible APIs
  1. Social Mention

Loaded with many exciting features with a focus on social media, videos and blogs. This tool gives you an overview of how many times and how often you are mentioned. 


  • Free of cost 
  • Monitor your mentions 
  • Real-time social media and search analysis 
  • Targeted search 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  1. BuzzSumo

Have you ever run out of content ideas? Or Have you googled long enough to find absolutely nothing? 

Say no more. Your content saviour is here. BuzzSumo helps users pick the best content that is relevant to your target audience, which also answers the most in-demand questions. 


  • Find trendy content by topic or on any website 
  • Know what other people are listening to 
  • Get alerts: Keyword, brand name, links and domain 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Find influencers for related topics 
  1. Phlanx

The platform assists brands in their marketing, as well as a two-sided market community where brands and influencers can communicate with each other.

Phlanx’s intuitive and interactive interface allows users to navigate quickly, explore the site and make use of its services in minutes. With a natural search function and necessary filtering options, it helps users find what they need.


  • Provides a rich influencer catalogue 
  • Partner with other brands and cross promote 
  • Audit Instagram influencers 
  • Measure Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch engagement 
  • Generate marketing contracts 
  1. QuickSprout 

Initially started by Neil Patel, this tool helps businesses grow their online presence and increase traffic.

Flooded with marketing gyaan, QuickSprout serves as a knowledge paradise for everyone–businesses, bloggers, and many more.  


  • No prior experience in marketing required 
  • Free to use 
  • In-depth keyword analysis 
  • Drag and drop URL 
  • Quick SEO checklist 
  • Excellent knowledge base about digital marketing  
  1. Social Blade

Social Blade was launched to track the metrics of the website called Digg. In 2010, Social Blade switched to track YouTube metrics and soon became an LLC.

Social Blade extracts data from YouTube’s public API. The platform also tracks and provides analytical insights for Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mixer, and Dailymotion. 


  • Track statistics and measure growth
  • Estimate earnings 
  • All user access to its public database 
  • YouTube consultation for beginners  
  • Real-time subscriber count for supported platforms

So, save your time, grow your business, drive more traffic and do more. 

Do share your thoughts. 


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