Meesho, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India, has pioneered the notion of selling products via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Meesho is basically based on the idea of acquiring products from producers and then reselling them to the customers at some profit margin. Any reseller who is selling their products on Meesho can advertise their items on social media networks to attract consumers to their products.

Consequently, it has become a seamless platform for the middle-class population. They can start their businesses in the comfort of their home without making any initial investments. Today, there are over one crore sellers on Meesho online business under well-established categories of apparel, accessories for the kitchen and home, and other lifestyle items. 

How to Become a Meesho Supplier

1. Create an Account on Meesho

To become a Meesho supplier, you must register on the Meesho Supplier Panel, which requires a PAN card, a GSTIN, and a bank account. Once you register as a Meesho supplier, visit the Meesho supplier website and log in with your email ID and password. Read the pointers below for a better understanding.

  • Visit the website of Meesho supplier.
  • Click on “become a supplier” situated at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • The website will then direct you to the registration page, where you are supposed to enter your mobile number.
  • Further, you can click on “start selling.”
  • Next, you will reach the “Meesho Supplier” panel, wherein you will have to enter the OTP that you have received on your number. Moreover, this is where you are supposed to add your email ID and password. 
  • Lastly, click on “Create Account.”

2. List All Your Products

Once you are done with the registration process, the next question is “how to list products on Meesho?’ in this step, list the products you wish to sell under the specified catalogues. To increase sales, create at least three to four catalogues and organize your products accordingly. Moreover, it is preferable to add the dimensions, price, weight, and photographs of your products.

3. Receiving Orders

Once you have listed all the products that are now live on the Meesho app, they will be visible to the other users. If they like your product, they can share it on their social media platforms. This will increase your products’ visibility leading to an increase in sales.  

  • Add More Catalogs: To keep your customers interested, upload at least 5 to 7 catalogs. More catalogs will increase your chances of getting more orders. 
  • Fast Delivery: Meesho offers a fast delivery program for a better user experience. The Meesho suppliers can also choose the NDD (Nest-Day Dispatch) service, which allows the customers to receive their orders the very next day.  
  • Affordable Selling Price: Meesho also provides a price comparison tool that helps you set a reasonable price, which will help you sell faster.  

4. Payments

Both online and offline payment methods are available at Meesho. Whether you are receiving payments online or offline, you will get your payment on the 15th day following the delivery. Moreover, you can check out the Supplier panel for more information about your payment.  

Almost all of us, at some point in life, have thought about running our own business and being our own bosses. However, the initial steps toward the journey of entrepreneurship are not easy as it requires a large volume of money.  

With Meesho, you can easily start your business without putting in a hefty amount of capital, I.e., all you need is your products and a little time to invest. Meesho has opened the field wide open for your dreams.

Sell and Accept Payments Online without website

Frequently asked question

How much commission does Meesho take from suppliers?

Meesho charges a 0% commission fee from suppliers across all type of product categories.

How do I contact Meesho Supplier Support?

You can reach out to for support on Meesho Supplier issues.

What is the meesho Shipping Timeline for products?

Orders must be dispatched within 2-3 days of receiving them, as per the agreed-upon timeline set forth by you.

What is the return policy of meesho supplier?

Within 7 days of delivery, customers can return the item.


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