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Thirdwatch Automated Order Status Updates

Thirdwatch offers you an automated order tracking solution, enabling you to receive real-time status updates on your orders, right from purchase through fulfilment.

The order tracking functionality provides you with concurrent visibility and control of your orders. This helps you to avoid any confusion and streamline the order management process. In addition to this, Thirdwatch offers superior flagging accuracy by analyzing orders placed by your customers based on various parameters.

How it Works🔗

Businesses can seamlessly connect Thirdwatch with your Order Management System (OMS) provider or Shipping aggregator to receive automated order status updates for your business. After you sign up for a Thirdwatch account, provide your OMS or shipping provider's API credentials to complete the connection.

Connect Thirdwatch with Shipping or OMS Platform🔗

  1. Log into the Dashboard.

  2. Select AutomateAutomate status updates.

    automate status

  3. Select your Shipping or OMS platform from the list of Shipping Aggregators and OMS providers. Click Connect for the selected provider.

  4. To connect with the provider:

    • New user: In the API section, on the OMS/Shipping aggregator platform, you are prompted to create and generate API credentials. Copy and enter the API credentials on the Thirdwatch platform to connect with your OMS/Shipping account.
    • Existing user: Enter the API credentials on the Thirdwatch platform to connect with your OMS/Shipping account. Do not regenerate your API keys.
      Watch Out!
      By sharing your API credentials, you provide read/write access to Thirdwatch to your OMS/Shipping aggregator platform.
  5. After the connection establishes, Thirdwatch will fetch all the selling channels. Select the Channel name of your store, which connects to the Thirdwatch account. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your store.

  6. Click Save.

Once the connection establishes, a Connected status displays for the connected OMS or Shipping aggregator on the Thirdwatch platform.

What Next🔗

On the Thirdwatch Dashboard, you can view the overall Fraud Insights on the Analytics page and subsequent order-level updates on the ReviewOrder Details page.