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RazorpayX Tax Payment - Life Cycle

There are 2 life cycles you should be aware of when making tax payments:

Tax Payment Life Cycle🔗

Below is the tax payment life cycle.

tax payment life cycle


The TDS payment has been uploaded to our system. A payout may have been created, but not successfully made against the TDS payment.

Possible payout states:

  • Payout not yet created.
  • Rejected
  • Cancelled
  • Failed
  • Reversed


The TDS payment is being processed. A payout has been created and is being processed.

Possible payout states:

  • Pending
  • Queued
  • Processing

From the processing states, the invoice can go back to the unpaid state if:

  • The payout is rejected or cancelled by you.
  • If the payout fails or is reversed.

The TDS payment was successful. Possible payout state: Processed.

Once the TDS is successfully paid, you can download the challan from the Dashboard and file the TDS as per your convenience.


You have manually cancelled the TDS payment from the Dashboard.

  • You can only cancel a TDS payment in the Unpaid state.
  • You cannot cancel a TDS payment once a payout has been initiated for it.


You can find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Tax Payments on our Knowledgebase.