FIRS Automated Process

Know about FIRS certificate, why you need it and how to obtain it from the Razorpay Dashboard.

FIRS Certificate is a document that acts as evidence that you have received funds from a foreign country. The document is recognised as proof in scenarios such as getting GST refunds, claiming drawbacks from the government, or being required by beneficiary banks for compliance purposes. You can now generate FIRS from your Razorpay Dashboard.

Why do you need FIRS Certificate

FIRS certificate contains important information about inward remittance, such as:

  • Sender details
  • Converted amount details
  • Amount of foreign currency
  • UTR and account number
  • Date of certificate issuance

Watch Out!

It is important to update your Purpose code to generate FIRS Certificates.

Follow the steps to update your purpose code:

  1. Log into the

    and navigate to Accounts & Settings.

  2. Click International Payment Codes under International payment settings.

    International payment codes
  3. Update your purpose code under the International Payment Codes section.

    Purpose code update

    Handy Tips

    If you do not find your Transaction Purpose Code in the

    , contact the from your Dashboard.

  4. The Razorpay Activation/Operations team checks whether the selected Purpose Code is correct.

All new and existing Razorpay users accepting international payments can easily obtain the FIRS certificate on the Razorpay Dashboard in a downloadable format.

To generate FIRS certificate:

  1. Log into the

    and navigate to Accounts & Settings.

  2. Under International payment settings click Foreign inward remittance statement (FIRS).

    International payment codes
  3. You can view a list of FIRS certificates based on your monthly transactions in a downloadable format.

    List of FIRS certificates
  4. There are two sections:

  • The FIRS certificates provided by the bank.

  • Razorpay-generated statements.

    Handy Tips

    Razorpay-generated statements act as an alternative to FIRS certificates provided by banks.

    List of FIRS certificates downloadable format
    • If the FIRS is not generated from the bank or you need a consolidated list of FIRS, click on Request for Razorpay Statement.
    FIRS request screen

    Handy Tips

    Generating reports can take upto 1 hour.

    FIRS request sent screen
    • You can view or download the FIRS certificate from your Razorpay Dashboard.

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