Dynamic Currency Conversion on S2S Integration

Know how to allow the cardholder to convert international payments in INR (or other currency) to cardholders’ home currency via S2S Integration.

You can use Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to offer international cardholders a choice to pay in the local currency or their home currency. The customers can view the exact amount they will be charged before making the transaction. This feature is enabled by default for all S2S integrations.

For example, a customer whose home currency is INR and if the amount is displayed in USD, an INR equivalent of the USD amount is displayed to the user before making the payment.

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Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is not available for


Watch this video to integrate S2S Checkout using the Dynamic Currency Conversion feature.

Below is the Dynamic Currency Conversion S2S payment flow:

  1. The cardholder selects the payment method on the S2S checkout page and tries to make the payment.
    select payment method
  2. If the card is a non-INR card, the user is directed to the Currency Conversion screen to change the currency.
    currency conversion screen
  3. The users also get the option to change the currency as per their choice. Based on the selected currency, the amount is displayed. The user can check the amount in the selected currency and proceed to make the payment.
    conversion screen

The DCC feature is available by default for all the S2S integrations. Please contact the

if you want to disable it.

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