Test Integration

Test your Razorpay OAuth integration by creating test application and authorising it.

You can test the full Razorpay OAuth flow by creating a sample application to obtain access to the sub-merchant's data securely. Below are the steps to grant access to your application for your account:

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To create the test application:

  1. On your

    , click Partner.

    Select Partner
  2. Click Applications to open the Applications tab. This tab displays a list of created applications.

    Click Applications
  3. Click Create Application and provide these details:

    1. Enter the Name of your application. For example, "Acme Corp". This would appear on Razorpay's authorisation page.

    2. Enter the Website URL of the application.

    3. Click Upload App Icon to upload the app's logo. Razorpay displays this icon to your users on the Razorpay Connect screens. It is also displayed in the Connected Applications list.

      Handy Tips

      Upload only square images as the App Icon.

    4. Click Save.

      Click Applications
      • Razorpay creates an application that appears on the list of created applications. The Edit Application page shows the application settings for both Development and Production clients.
      • Client ID and Client Secret are predefined for both Development and Production clients. Use them to make request calls to Razorpay servers.
    Application created
  4. Enter the Redirect URIs in comma-separated format.

    Handy Tips

    For production clients, only URLs with https are supported. For example, https://acmecorp.com.

  5. Click Save.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Preview OAuth Page. Razorpay redirects you to the authorisation page, where you can authorise or decline access to your test application for your account.

    Handy Tips

    For development clients, we support https://localhost as a redirect_uri on Preview. However, you can replace it with any valid URLs specified in the Development client settings and reload the page.

  2. Click Authorize. Razorpay redirects you to the redirect_uri sent in the request URL, along with the auth code.

  3. Copy the auth code from the URL and use it to obtain the new


    Handy Tips

    While making the API request, pass mode=test. This will fetch you an access token for the test mode. Although the default is Live mode, testing with a live token would not help much unless your account is activated.

    For both production and development clients, you can control the accessibility of the application using the scope parameter. A read_write (scope=read_write) access would grant edit access to the application, while read_only (scope=read_only) would allow only view access.

Your test application appears on the Created Applications list on the sub-merchant's Dashboard.

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